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Buss ready meals: Water treatment for steam generation

EnviroFALK boiler feed water treatment uses high-quality steam to ensure maximum supply reliability for the leading manufacturer of ready meals.


Steam is an indispensable component in many areas at Buss Ready Meals. Food is sterilized with steam, cans are autoclaved and heating and ventilation systems are supplied with steam. The steam boiler systems must function perfectly and require a consistently high quality of boiler feed water. Find out how it works here!

sechs Fertiggerichte von Buss verschiedener Art

Buss ready meals

Enjoyment on a large scale. This is what Buss Ready Meals stands for. Whether savory in tins, delicate in trays or delicious in chilled form: Thanks to state-of-the-art production facilities, Buss can combine variety, quality and taste. This is made possible by comprehensive monitoring of all processes and products by strict quality assurance and external independent auditors. Long-term planning, which includes extensive sustainability aspects, also plays an important role at Buss Fertiggerichte when selecting suppliers.

In connection with the Buss sustainability strategy, the ageing boiler feed water treatment system for steam generation was to be replaced with state-of-the-art process water technology. In terms of ecological water treatment, Buss expected a solution concept that would not only provide water quality, but also significantly reduce water consumption and ongoing operating costs. Boiler feed water of consistently high quality was also required to ensure maximum supply reliability. Other criteria included designing the water treatment plant in accordance with the food guidelines and incorporating the demanding factory standards of Buss Ready Meals.

“Pasteurization and sterilization are just some of the key processes in which water and steam are used in the food industry. Hygienically pure steam quality requires well thought-out boiler feed water treatment,” says Magnus Häbel, application consultant for energy generation at EnviroFALK. He adds: “Protecting the steam boiler from corrosion and scale formation is the be-all and end-all for the security of supply of all downstream processes.”

EnviroFALK has been developing solutions for water treatment in selected industries, such as the food industry, for more than 30 years. During detailed consultations about feed water, boiler water, steam quality, boiler output, water quantities, water costs and condensate return, the experts from EnviroFALK came up with the optimum solution:

Environmentally friendly and sustainable desalination using reverse osmosis with upstream water softening. The high-quality boiler feed water in accordance with food guidelines now makes a decisive contribution to the security of supply at Buss Fertiggerichte. This is because pipes, steam boilers and heat exchangers remain free of performance-impairing deposits and corrosion and can therefore be operated much more economically. In addition, when designing the system, the experts once again focused in particular on the desire to save running operating costs.

By switching from co-current to counter-current water softening, less salt and water is required for the regeneration processes. This significantly reduces ongoing operating costs right from the pre-treatment stage.

The reverse osmosis systems with integrated concentrate stages also increase the water yield, reduce the amount of raw water required and significantly cut water costs. In addition, highly efficient pumps ensure low energy consumption and reduced energy costs.

The boiler feed water treatment system was pre-assembled ready for operation in a space-saving frame, commissioned on site and now supplies the steam boiler systems with a consistently high water quality.

“We received very good support right from the planning phase, questions and requests were dealt with and commissioning was quick and uncomplicated,” says René Schierstedt, Team Leader Energy Operating Technology. “And the savings targets that were set were all achieved, in some cases even exceeded many times over,” adds Swen Dittmer, Technical Operations Manager.

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