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Membrane filtration systems

EnviroFALK membrane filtration systems

In a world where water quality is crucial, membrane filtration systems are setting new standards. This innovative technology enables the reliable removal of microorganisms, particles and impurities to ensure the purest water. From drinking water treatment to industrial use – membrane filtration systems from EnviroFALK offer efficient solutions for a wide range of requirements. Rely on state-of-the-art technology and shape the future of water purification with membrane filtration systems from EnviroFALK!

Reverse osmosis systems

Demineralised water is indispensable for many manufacturing processes in industry. Applications in laboratories and medical technology also require demineralised water. For example, to supply ultrapure water systems and autoclaves or for rinsing glass vessels.

Ultrafiltration systems

With an ultrafiltration system, even the smallest dirt particles can be removed from the water. Ultrafiltration is therefore the perfect pre-treatment for raw water with a particle load that fluctuates greatly depending on the season.

Electrodeionisation (EDI)

Finely demineralised water through EnviroFALK electrodeionisation (EDI) Electrodeionisation is often used after reverse osmosis. The partially demineralised water is "polished" again.


Microfiltration systems remove impurities such as oils, greases and particles from process solutions and, depending on the application, ensure long bath service lives and consistently high product quality.

Nanofiltration systems

Do you need water free of impurities such as bacteria, dissolved salts, pesticides and proteins? Do you want to completely or partially remove unwanted substances? Then our nanofiltration systems for partial softening and reducing turbidity and discolouration in surface water are just right for you.

Electrolyte treatment

Electrochemical metal machining (ECM) is often used for materials that are difficult to machine, complicated moulds or workpieces. In particular for high-quality components such as turbine blades, injection nozzles, injection moulds or medical implants.

Membrane degassing

Carbon dioxide and oxygen cause strong conductivity in water. Membrane degassing is used to remove dissolved carbon dioxide and oxygen. This involves the use of hydrophobic pore membranes that are impermeable to water but allow gases to pass through.
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