Process technologies & products

Whether you need a compact system or a customized water treatment system, limited space, a container or rental system, special piping – we have the perfect solution. At EnviroFALK, you will be advised by experts who know your specific areas of application inside out.

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Customised water treatment

Whether limited space, special pipework, specific digitalisation and automation solutions - with our customised water treatment systems, we meet a wide range of plant specifications.
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Filter technology

Pure water quality starts here: Our innovative filter systems and efficient pressure filter systems offer customised solutions for the highest demands.
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Softening systems

Hard water as a damaging factor in industrial production? Our water softeners offer the solution: compact or customised, they guarantee optimum protection.

Membrane filtration systems

In a world where water quality is crucial, membrane filtration systems are setting new standards. This innovative technology enables the reliable removal of microorganisms, particles and impurities to ensure the purest water.
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Circulation technology

Take a big step towards the future with your company and put your trust in pure water circulation systems and rinsing water circulation systems from EnviroFALK.

Ion exchangers & regeneration

Our ion exchange resins, which are located inside the cartridges and ensure demineralisation, are as customised as your areas of application.

Pure & ultrapure water systems

There are many pure and ultrapure water systems for the post-treatment of ultrapure water in the laboratory. But none are like this one. True to our slogan "Using water intelligently"


UV disinfection is widely used as a bactericide in water treatment. The UV light destroys the DNA, the cell membranes and the enzymes of the microorganisms by forming free radicals in the water.

Pure and ultrapure water systems

The requirements placed on the quality of pure and ultrapure water are very specific. This is because the properties of the water have a direct influence on the quality of the resulting end products and applications.

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Together we will find a solution and develop the optimum water treatment system for you. Let us convince you in a personal consultation!

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