Soft water through water softening

Soft water thanks to EnviroFALK water softeners

Does your expertise lie in industrial production? Then you know that the water hardness is sometimes also decisive for a smooth process. This is because water that is too hard can lead to limescale deposits, blocked pipes and, in the worst case, even complete pipe blockages.

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    EnviroFALK, the experts for your water softening systems

    Almost all branches of industry require soft water as a prerequisite for process water, cooling water, rinsing water or washing water. The water softening process is particularly recommended for high demands on system availability and the need for constantly reproducible soft water quality.

    With EnviroFALK, you not only buy your water softener directly from the manufacturer, but also opt for a quality water treatment system.

    EnviroFALK water softening systems


    Envi GreenPURE Triton

    The ultrapure water system for small requirements! The TRITON has a modular design and offers a high degree of flexibility to adapt to your specific requirements.


      AGUASAVE water treatment module

      AGUASAVE water treatment module The modules in the AGUASAVE family are suitable for systems of all sizes. From single-family homes...


        Filters & sterile filters

        Filters & fine filters Pressure-resistant filter housing made of plastic or stainless steel, incl. Filter cartridges for coarse filtration of particles...


          Envi GreenPURE Halios

          Ultrapure water for critical applications. The laboratory water system, PURE-LINE HALIOS with the external dispenser and PURE-LINE HALIOS ID with the integrated dispenser for monitoring all parameters, offers space-saving installation.


            Ion exchangers for industry

            Ion exchangers for full and partial water demineralization are indispensable in many industrial processes. Well-known companies rely on our...


              Envi GreenLINE ion exchanger XXL

              Envi GreenLINE Ion exchanger XXL Sometimes size does matter! The cartridge consists of a GRP container, incl. Distributor system and filter...


                Ion exchanger service for commercial kitchens

                Partially and fully demineralized water, which is often treated using cartridges, is a decisive quality factor for guaranteed taste,...


                  Envi GreenSOFT double softener MC-N 2CT

                  Envi GreenSOFT MC-N 2CT double softener Continuous water flow: A softener with only one GRP cartridge can interrupt the water flow...


                    Envi GreenPARTS Tanks

                    Envi GreenPARTS TanksFor optimum storage of pure waterMade from high-quality opaque PE or PP Completely closed with removable lid ...


                      TOC meter

                      Envi GreenPARTS TOC meter The online TOC measuring device is used for highly sensitive measurement of the concentration of total organic...


                        Envi GreenFLOW K

                        Envi GreenFLOW K The DEA-K can be used universally for flexible applications and always provides a constant water pressure at all...


                          GAHOtech multi

                          GAHOtech multiMULTIfunctional unit - one system for the entire kitchen. The GAHOtech multi-talent for commercial kitchens combines high-quality technology...


                            Ion exchanger service for heating water

                            Protect heating systems - economically and environmentally friendly! You can also benefit from our range of ion exchangers for...


                              Envi GreenLINE ion exchanger plastic

                              Envi GreenLINE Plastic ion exchanger Pressure-resistant ion exchanger made of GRP, ready for direct connection incl. internal lance system. For the...


                                Envi GreenSOFT single softener MC-N C

                                Envi GreenSOFT Single softener MC-N CDifferent capacities depending on consumption and water hardness.Contains GRP cartridge, a control head, brine...


                                  Ion exchanger service for toolmaking

                                  Galvanic rinsing water, process, pickling and cleaning baths often contain various chemical substances and metals that are highly toxic....


                                    Envi GreenFLOW D

                                    Envi GreenFLOW D The ready-to-connect pressure boosting systems with frequency-controlled stainless steel pumps are supplied mounted on a frame....


                                      Envi GreenSOFT double softener MC-N 2C

                                      Envi GreenSOFT Double softener MC-N 2C With its two control heads, the MC-N 2C double softener offers an additional advantage in...


                                        GAHOtech drink

                                        GAHOtech drink Food and drinks retain their full flavor and natural color thanks to GAHOtech drink water treatment. This ensures...


                                          EnviModex filter bags

                                          Patented filter system offers reliable filtration Separation of solids and liquids.The fabric bag for sludge dewatering is supplied with eight...


                                            UV systems for TOC reduction

                                            Envi GreenPARTS UV systems for TOC reduction For the continuous inactivation of microorganisms and viruses. No use of chemicals or mercury-based...


                                              Envi GreenLINE stainless steel ion exchanger

                                              Envi GreenLINE Stainless steel ion exchanger Pressure-resistant ion exchanger made of high-quality stainless steel.Directly ready for connection incl....


                                                Ion exchanger service for laboratory & medical technology

                                                You know it yourself: Water, which is often treated using ion exchangers, is a decisive quality factor in cleaning,...


                                                  Envi GreenSOFT double softener rack

                                                  Envi GreenSoft Frame configurator The EnviroFALK MC-N 2 CT and MC-N 2 C water softeners are available as prefabricated units. ...


                                                    Envi GreenFLOW E

                                                    Envi GreenFLOW E The ready-to-connect GreenFLOW pressure boosting systems with frequency-controlled Stainless steel pumps are mounted on a compact...


                                                      Envi GreenPURE MX-A Reversible can

                                                      Envi GreenPURE MX-A 3800 - 12 000 The MX-A series water treatment systems have been specially designed for use with hardness-stabilized...


                                                        Make-up units for fixed installation

                                                        Make-up units for fixed installation Our make-up units in accordance with VDI 2035 already contain all the components and connection...


                                                          Testomat 808 hardness analyzer

                                                          Testomat 808 Hardness analyzer The Testomat® 808 is a compact analyzer for online measurement of water hardness according to the principle...


                                                            GAHOtech clean

                                                            GAHOtech clean Clean water guarantees shiny dishes, stain-free glasses and protection for dishwashers. GAHOtech clean is the indispensable water treatment...


                                                              Envi GreenPURE RG 2000-3000

                                                              Envi GreenPURE RG 2000-3000 The GreenPURE RG reverse osmosis system is used to desalinate softened drinking water and to reduce TOC...


                                                                Envi GreenPURE L 120-500

                                                                Envi GreenPURE L 120-500 The GreenPURE L reverse osmosis system is used to desalinate softened drinking water.ser, as well as to...


                                                                  Envi GreenSOFT single softener MC-N CK

                                                                  Envi GreenSOFT MC-N CK single softener Ready-to-connect systems for the production of soft water.Space-saving installation thanks to cabinet design Integrated...



                                                                    AQUAform Our AQUAform systems treat demineralized water in the circuit of wire EDM machines. The quality resin mixture used in...


                                                                      Envi GreenPURE HS / HSC

                                                                      Envi GreenPURE HS / HSC The compact GreenPURE HS and HSC water treatment systems are designed for the designed for...


                                                                        Envi GreenPURE MX 4300 - 10000

                                                                        Envi GreenPURE MX 4300 - 10 000 The MX series water treatment systems have been specially designed for use with softened...


                                                                          Testomat EVO TH hardness analyzer

                                                                          Testomat EVO TH hardness analyzer The Testomat® EVO determines the water hardness (residual total hardness) fully automatically by means of...


                                                                            HKEF 1500

                                                                            HKEF 1500 Fully automatic system for the preparation of heating and cooling circuits. With the HKEF 1500, you can monitor...


                                                                              GAHOtech soft

                                                                              GAHOtech soft Hard water causes limescale and calcifies appliances, systems and heating elements. GAHOtech soft is the ideal water treatment...


                                                                                Conductivity meter

                                                                                C 20 battery-operated


                                                                                  Envi GreenPURE K 60-200

                                                                                  Envi GreenPURE K 60-200 The GreenPURE K reverse osmosis system is used to desalinate softened water. drinking water and to...


                                                                                    Envi GreenFIL

                                                                                    Envi GreenFIL Filter systems The filter systems with GRP cartridge are equipped with a central control valve. They can be backwashed...


                                                                                      AGUACLEAN filtration module

                                                                                      AGUACLEAN filtration module The use of AGUACLEAN is highly recommended when renovating or modernizing the heating system (e.g. replacing the...


                                                                                        Envi GreenPURE Ultra RG 80-3000

                                                                                        Envi GreenPURE Ultra RG 80-2000 The GreenPURE Ultra RG systems are designed for the production of ultrapure water from softened drinking...


                                                                                          Envi GreenPURE L 800-1500

                                                                                          Envi GreenPURE L 800-1500 The GreenPURE L reverse osmosis system is used to desalinate softened drinking water.ser, as well as to...


                                                                                            Residual hardness controllers ASC

                                                                                            Residual hardness controller ASC For continuous monitoring of the function of the softening system and to protect downstream systems against...


                                                                                              Envi GreenPURE HS Ultra

                                                                                              Envi GreenPURE HS Ultra The compact GreenPURE HS Ultra water treatment systems are designed for Desalination of softened drinking water....


                                                                                                AQUAform PST

                                                                                                AQUAform PST AQUAform PST systems are used when the highest deionization performance is required, e.g. for hard metal cutting or...

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                                                                                                  Learn more about reverse osmosis

                                                                                                  The best way to describe the function of a reverse osmosis system is that it simply reverses the completely natural process of osmosis. In detail, the following happens in a reverse osmosis system: Under pressure, the saline solution is led past semi-permeable membranes, which are used in the form of winding elements. This frees the solution from particulate matter and ions, as only these can pass through the membrane. The result: pure water, which in technical jargon is called permeate. Finally, the remaining water content retained by the membrane is discharged with a second partial flow.

                                                                                                  Pre-treatment is one of the main components of a reverse osmosis system. This prevents calcium and magnesium scaling on the membranes. EnviroFALK uses processes such as water softening through ion exchange or hardness stabilization using an antiscalant for pre-treatment.

                                                                                                  Every component of an EnviroFALK reverse osmosis system meets the highest requirements for consistently high water quality and maximum safety. Would you like to order an EnviroFALK reverse osmosis system? Well, we don’t just supply you with a system for your pure and ultrapure water treatment. Instead, we develop a solution that fits your area of application in every respect. Give us a call, because we are here for you!

                                                                                                  What the reverse osmosis process is all about is explained simply by clicking on “Reverse osmosis – Reverse Osmosis (Reverse Osmosis System)”. If you would like to get an overview of the function of an EnviroFALK reverse osmosis system, it is best to contact your EnviroFALK expert straight away.

                                                                                                  Yes! Reverse osmosis is a membrane process that retains ions as well as particulate substances in the water. This reverses the natural process of osmosis. In reverse osmosis systems, the saline solution (e.g. softened city water) is passed under pressure through semi-permeable membranes in the form of coiled elements. Only the solvent, i.e. pure water, passes through the membrane and is obtained with a very low salt content as so-called permeate. All water constituents are concentrated and must be discharged to the sewer with a second partial flow, the concentrate.

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