Retention of ultra-fine particles in water through ultrafiltration.

Retention of ultra-fine particles in water by EnviroFALK ultrafiltration systems

Even the smallest dirt particles can be removed from the water with an ultrafiltration system. Ultrafiltration is therefore the perfect pre-treatment for raw water with a particle load that fluctuates greatly depending on the season. After pre-treatment by ultrafiltration, the water can be further purified.

Clear, pure water is produced by professional water treatment systems.

Clear, pure water is obtained using professional water treatment systems – in which ultrafiltration plays a key role. Do you need an ultrafiltration system? Then EnviroFALK is the right place for you! With over 30 years of experience, we know your industry inside out and know what moves you.

EnviroFALK, the experts for your ultrafiltration systems

The smart thing to do is to contact the experts at EnviroFALK directly when it comes to ultrafiltration. We would also be happy to design a highly efficient ultrafiltration system for you that meets your individual requirements across the board.

As a manufacturer of water treatment systems, this is the standard we set ourselves – to be there for our customers 100 percent! By the way: We are also the ideal partner when it comes to reverse osmosis, electrodeionization (EDI), ion exchangers or nanofiltration. After all, we only want the best for your process water, pure water and ultrapure water!


EnviroFALK ultrafiltration systems


Envi GreenPURE Triton

The ultrapure water system for small requirements! The TRITON has a modular design and offers a high degree of flexibility to adapt to your specific requirements.


    AGUASAVE water treatment module

    AGUASAVE water treatment module The modules in the AGUASAVE family are suitable for systems of all sizes. From single-family homes...


      Filters & sterile filters

      Filters & fine filters Pressure-resistant filter housing made of plastic or stainless steel, incl. Filter cartridges for coarse filtration of particles...

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        Learn more about ultrafiltration

        Clear, pure water is no coincidence! Also indispensable for a number of applications. One process for optimally treated water is ultrafiltration (UF for short). Below you will find a compact overview of this method of water treatment. Find out how it works and why ultrafiltration systems from EnviroFALK pay off quickly for your applications.

        Ultrafiltration is the perfect pre-treatment for raw water with a particle load that fluctuates greatly throughout the year. This means that this raw water can first be pre-treated before being subjected to a further process – such as water desalination using an ion exchanger.

        The “Made in Germany” ultrafiltration systems from EnviroFALK impress with a number of important quality features. See for yourself:

        • They are available in various sizes, flow rates and material designs.
        • They are adapted exactly to your needs.
        • They are solidly manufactured and therefore extremely durable and low-maintenance.

        Apart from these significant advantages, you also benefit from the concentrated expertise of our experts. We are not only at your side during the design and commissioning of your EnviroFALK ultrafiltration system, but far beyond that. After all, we see ourselves as your strong partner in everything to do with professional water treatment. You can also entrust us with the maintenance and, if necessary, the replacement of spare parts. We’ll take care of it!

        “Ultrafiltration” – that sounds gigantic at first, and the process behind this method is just as gigantically complicated. In simple terms, the function of an ultrafiltration system is as follows: There is a polymer membrane inside. Because this membrane has extremely fine pores, even the smallest dirt particles can be removed from the water without difficulty.

        Would you like to find out more about the ultrafiltration process? A simple click is all it takes “Ultrafiltration”.

        Do you like it personal? Us too! If you have any questions about our EnviroFALK ultrafiltration systems, our experts will be happy to help. It’s best to make an appointment right away.

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