Using water intelligently

EnviroFALK process water technology: With us, water becomes a factor of pure quality.

When it comes to water treatment for industrial and business applications as well as for laboratory and medical technology applications, EnviroFALK ranks up among the top addresses. Our experts provide advice, plan and produce water treatment plants that are optimised to suit your needs and application. Over and above this, we also offer a comprehensive range of services, including regeneration of ion exchange resins.

Industry & business

EnviroFALK water treatment systems are designed to meet the demands of industrial and business requirements perfectly. Process water for top product quality


Laboratory and medical technology

EnviroFALK pure and ultra-pure water systems are ideal for applications in the healthcare sector. Maximum water purity for maximum safety.


Regenerating ion exchangers

EnviroFALK offers a regeneration service for all brands of ion exchangers. Benefit from our convenient pick-up and delivery service for top water quality.


30 years EnviroFALK: That started well!

Just in time for the start of our anniversary year, our latest video has been finished. It's about nothing less than our lives. It's also about your life.

Take a look.

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Using water intelligently

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