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For the highest quality requirements in industrial canteen kitchens

Water treatment for commercial kitchens

Food that loses flavor and color intensity, glasses that need to be polished and dishes that show streaks affect the perfect impression. Yet the solution to these problems is so simple: the quality of the water used!

Pure water for gastronomy, communal catering and catering

Water is the basis for many areas of the commercial kitchen. Tap water – clear and pure – safe for consumption, but nevertheless enriched with a wide variety of ingredients, such as calcium and magnesium salts and many other minerals. These substances in the water cause machines to calcify and no longer deliver the required performance. Glasses are stained, dishes become dull, food and drinks lose their color and taste.

EnviroFALK has developed pure water systems that are perfectly designed to meet the requirements of commercial kitchens!

drei Ionenaustauscher in unterschiedlicher Größe mit GAHOtech Aufschrift

Taste guarantee, stain-free dishwashing results and sustainable system protection

Partially and fully demineralized water, which is often treated using cartridges, is a decisive quality factor for water quality in industrial kitchens.

As individual as your areas of application are, our granules inside the cartridges are a perfect fit and provide the processing. EnviroFALK has a special granulate type or a perfectly coordinated mixture for every application. And did you know that we process your food granulates exclusively in a specially designed regeneration column? The regeneration process naturally takes place in accordance with all legal requirements under LFGB and DIN 18879-1. After all, we only want the best for you.

EnviroFALK GAHOtech

Für jeden Anwendungsbereich der industriellen Küche die passende Lösung!


Ion exchanger service for commercial kitchens

Partially and fully demineralized water, which is often treated using cartridges, is a decisive quality factor for guaranteed taste,...


    GAHOtech multi

    GAHOtech multiMULTIfunctional unit - one system for the entire kitchen. The GAHOtech multi-talent for commercial kitchens combines high-quality technology...


      GAHOtech drink

      GAHOtech drink Food and drinks retain their full flavor and natural color thanks to GAHOtech drink water treatment. This ensures...


        GAHOtech clean

        GAHOtech clean Clean water guarantees shiny dishes, stain-free glasses and protection for dishwashers. GAHOtech clean is the indispensable water treatment...


          GAHOtech soft

          GAHOtech soft Hard water causes limescale and calcifies appliances, systems and heating elements. GAHOtech soft is the ideal water treatment...

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            Customers & Solutions

            Convotherm: Combi steamers score points with sustainable water treatment

            Convotherm feeds combi-steamers with treated water from EnviroFALK.Convotherm, a company from Bavaria, develops and produces combi-steamers for restaurants, catering... mehr lesen

            Deutsche Lufthansa: Water treatment for sculleries

            Deutsche Lufthansa opted for GAHOtech clean from EnviroFALK for rinse water treatment in the Senator and Business Lounge.Deutsche Lufthansa... mehr lesen

            Hannover Ice: Ice cube production at the highest level thanks to consistently high water quality

            Supplier Hannover Ice produces exquisite ice cubes with GAHOtech multi water treatment from EnviroFALK.Hannover Ice produces ice cubes for... mehr lesen

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            News from EnviroFALK

            Christmas will be GREEN this year!

            Our Christmas present? 500 trees that we plant together in spring. With our tree-planting campaign, we want to play our part in making our home sustainable and fit for the future. Because trees are true superheroes! mehr lesen

            Containers create more space

            Containers create more space in the short term for handling EnviroFALK water treatment plants in the standard and compact plant construction sector. mehr lesen

            EnviroFALK Switzerland at the new Hünenberg site

            After the warehouse and logistics had already been moved in November, the EnviroFALK Switzerland team got to work again. Sales and technical customer service are now also present at the Hünenberg site. mehr lesen

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            Good reasons to talk to us

            At EnviroFALK, you will be advised by experts who know your specific requirements inside out. In every single project, we focus on what helps commercial kitchens move forward. Together we produce a solution concept for pure water in gastronomy, communal catering and catering. This is very important: We listen to you carefully. We see ourselves as your partner and offer you our expert support.

            Us too! EnviroFALK water treatment systems for gastronomy, communal catering and catering offer you extensive advantages:

            • Nozzles and pipes remain free of scale
            • Dishwashers score points for their long service life
            • No stains, streaks or discoloration of the wash ware
            • Tasty food and drinks
            • Significant energy, water and cost savings
            • Regeneration service according to LFGB and DIN 18879-1

            EnviroFALK water treatment systems are perfectly designed for your applications in commercial kitchens.

            • EnviroFALK GAHOtech soft water treatment systems offer system protection for dishwashers, combi-steamers, kettles, boilers and steam irons.
            • EnviroFALK GAHOtech clean water treatment systems eliminate the need for laborious polishing and reduce operating costs at the same time.
            • EnviroFALK GAHOtech drink water treatment systems enable top quality food and drink. Water treatment also ensures a long service life for appliances such as coffee machines, combi-steamers and ice cube makers.
            • EnviroFALK GAHOtech multi water treatment systems combine high-quality system technology from soft, clean and drink in a compact multifunctional system.

            Water treatment systems for commercial kitchens in restaurants, communal catering and catering with a sustainable, economical and clever overall concept – is that exactly what you want? In this case, you should contact your EnviroFALK expert directly.

            They ensure enjoyment in a pleasant atmosphere. You cannot afford downtime. So we make sure that you get help quickly if the worst comes to the worst. You can reach our trained service technicians from many locations in Germany and Switzerland in the shortest possible time. Benefit from our WaterExpert. Live support for your water treatment systems. Ensure fast and precise system diagnostics, optimum solution proposals and competent support from our experts. Experience how smart technology makes service easier! Of course, we can also visit you on site. Just let us know what’s best for you! Click here for our range of services.

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