The requirements for your water treatment system are as unique as every industry.
At EnviroFALK, you will be advised by experts who know your specific areas of application inside out.

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Parts cleaning and surface technology

Industrial parts cleaning removes unwanted particles or layers from surfaces and parts without leaving any residue.

Optical industry

Cleaning optical components after and between the individual production steps is a demanding task. However, absolute cleanliness is uncompromisingly required for further processing and use of the sensitive surfaces.

Industrial medical technology

When it comes to purity, there are no compromises in the manufacture of surgical instruments, implants and medical accessories, as these products literally get under your skin once they are finished.
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Hospitals & laboratories

Why EnviroFALK? Well, we know your application, find the details together and develop an optimal solution concept for your pure and ultrapure water requirements in hospitals, laboratories and medical technology.


We have been the experts for the automotive industry and its suppliers for many years. Water is fundamentally involved in the production process in the manufacture of automobiles. It cannot be done without it. This is because all components must be carefully cleaned of residues before they can be installed. Large quantities of water are used to paint surfaces.
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Friction or sliding properties, wear behavior, fatigue and corrosion resistance and, of course, aesthetics and feel: surfaces can be decorative, like the shiny ornamental parts on a ballpoint pen. Or functional, such as the hygienically smooth stainless steel surfaces used in kitchens and laboratories.
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Metal industry

And wherever metal is milled, turned, welded or eroded, particles are produced and residues remain from which the workpieces must be freed. This is because they often impair further processing steps. Nothing could be easier: with our water treatment systems, cleaning between or after machining is a thing of the past.
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Glass and solar industry

Whether in the production of insulating glass units (ISO), prior to the heat treatment of toughened safety glass (TSG), the lamination of laminated safety glass (LSG), screen printing applications or demanding flat glass coating processes: High-quality further processing requires optimum surface purity.
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KesselspeisewasseraufbereitungBoiler feed water treatment

Cleaning optical components after and between the individual production steps is a demanding task. However, absolute cleanliness is uncompromisingly required for further processing and use of the sensitive surfaces.
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Heating water treatment

Corrosion, deposits and system failures: Consequences of too much hardness and oxygen in the circulation water of heating systems. However, these are all avoidable if you decide to use modern systems for heating water treatment made by EnviroFALK.
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Water treatment for green hydrogen

Our water treatment systems supply highly efficient electrolysis systems with ultrapure water. This is because ultra-pure water is essential for water electrolysis technology. And therefore an important component in the production of green hydrogen.

Tool and mold making

For electrical discharge machining processes, deionized water (dielectric) is of fundamental importance as a cooling and rinsing medium. Only in this way can the EDM machine produce complicated geometric shapes with precision. Under the AQUAformtech product range, EnviroFALK develops water treatment systems that are specially tailored to the requirements of tool and mold making.
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Commercial kitchen

Gastronomy means enjoyment in a pleasant atmosphere. As the main ingredient in food and drinks and as a rinsing and cooking aid, water must always meet the highest quality requirements. Under the GAHOtech product range, EnviroFALK develops water treatment systems, water filters and water cartridges that are tailored to the special requirements of the food service industry.
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Graphic industry

Water is needed for many production processes in the print shop. From plate exposure to dampening and cleaning water. Even air humidification is an enormous factor in the print sector!

Your industry is not listed?

No problem! Together we will find a solution and develop the optimum water treatment system for you. Let us convince you in a personal meeting!

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