Absolute purity. Water treatment. Optical industry

Water treatment for the optical industry

Not just clean: Absolute purity is essential in the optical industry. Here at EnviroFALK, we understand the unique requirements and challenges facing the optical industry.

Ultrapure water for the highest product quality

The surfaces of optical components are subject to the highest quality requirements during the manufacturing process. The cleaning concept requires precise coordination between the cleaning system, the chemicals used, the water treatment system and the sensitive optical components.

Depending on the area of application, the cleaning process consists of various active baths and the associated coarse rinses, which are fed with treated water. The final cleaning requires a constantly high level of ultrapure water or demineralized water.

drei Kameralinsen und Brille
Wasseraufbereitungsanlage mit sechs Ionenaustauschern

Water treatment with EnviroFALK

EnviroFALK develops water treatment systems that are precisely tailored to the requirements of the optical industry. The clean water for the fine rinse is kept at a consistently high quality by means of intelligent circulation. Over and over again. This is ensured by various process combinations: Low electrical conductivity is achieved through softening, reverse osmosis and ion exchange. During recirculation, special adsorber resins remove organic impurities and UV lamps with 185 nm and 254 nm reduce the TOC and germ content.

Examples from practice

Leading German manufacturer of spectacle lenses uses EnviroFALK rinsing water reverse osmosis systems and pure water circulation systems for fine rinsing.

To the reference

Good reasons to talk to us

Nothing could be easier. Keep water in circulation – this is sustainable and reduces operating costs. Circulation systems have been our specialty for 30 years. Discover our
pure water circulation systems.

Not only that: we also extend the service life of your active and cleaning baths! By permanently cleaning and removing oils, grease and particles from the water in the baths, you achieve consistently top results. Here you can find out more about our
bathroom treatment solutions.

Of course, because this is absolutely essential for your production. On request, your new system can be manufactured in our clean room. Production under high-purity conditions? No problem for us.

Is there possibly a crunch in your process? Our experts will work with you to find out exactly what the problem is. After all, we want the best water quality for your cleaning results.

This is a good fit, because EnviroFALK systems can be highly customized on request. Piping? Also available in PP using the infrared welding process (IR) or in PVDF using the bead and groove-free welding process (WNF). Limited space? We use every centimeter that is available for the processing system at your premises. Rental system for temporary use? We are happy to deliver – ready installed. Discover the many options for customizing your new water treatment system.

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