Ultrafiltration system for electrolyte treatment

Electrolyte treatment for efficient ECM production

Electrochemical metal machining (ECM) is often used for materials that are difficult to machine, complicated shapes or workpieces. Especially for high-quality components such as turbine blades, injection nozzles, injection molds or medical implants.

Metal ions are removed from the workpiece during electrochemical ablation. The removed material, which settles as metal hydroxide sludge, must be filtered out of the electrolyte solution. EnviroFALK develops specially adapted ultrafiltration systems for the separation of metal hydroxides for electrolyte purification and electrolyte treatment.

Ultrafiltration systems from EnviroFALK offer tangible benefits for electrolyte purification:

  • Competitive and efficient ECM process thanks to consistently high electrolyte quality
  • High utilization of the ECM machine
  • Significantly reduced cleaning effort for the chamber filter press
  • Simple and cost-effective disposal of the metal hydroxide filter cake
  • In the 50 l/min performance level. (3,000 l/h), 100 l/min. (6,000 l/h) and 150 l/min. (9,000 l/h) is available.
  • Special designs possible on customer request
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