Water without gas through membrane degassing

Water without carbon dioxide & oxygen with EnviroFALK membrane degassing systems

Carbonic acid and oxygen cause strong conductivity in the water. Membrane degassing is used to remove dissolved carbon dioxide and oxygen. This involves the use of hydrophobic pore membranes that are impermeable to water but allow gases to pass through.

Minimize the oxygen and carbon dioxide content in the water using professional water treatment systems with membrane degassing or CO2 diffusers. With over 30 years of experience, we know your industry inside out and know what moves you.

EnviroFALK, the experts for your membrane degassing systems

The smart thing to do is to contact the experts at EnviroFALK directly when it comes to membrane degassing. We would also be happy to design a highly efficient membrane degassing system for you that meets your individual requirements across the board.

As a manufacturer of water treatment systems, this is the standard we set ourselves – to be there for our customers 100 percent! By the way: Depending on your requirements profile, we can manufacture your membrane degassing system using various process technologies, such as reverse osmosis, electrodeionization (EDI) and membrane degassing.

After all, we only want the best for your process water, pure water and ultrapure water!

EnviroFALK systems with membrane degassing

The right solution for every application!


Envi GreenPURE Triton

The ultrapure water system for small requirements! The TRITON has a modular design and offers a high degree of flexibility to adapt to your specific requirements.


    AGUASAVE water treatment module

    AGUASAVE water treatment module The modules in the AGUASAVE family are suitable for systems of all sizes. From single-family homes...


      Filters & sterile filters

      Filters & fine filters Pressure-resistant filter housing made of plastic or stainless steel, incl. Filter cartridges for coarse filtration of particles...

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        Learn more about membrane degassing

        The big advantage of membrane degassing is that there are no chemicals!

        Reducing the oxygen and carbon dioxide content minimizes the risk of corrosion and increases operational safety. Membrane degassing is often combined with other water treatment processes, such as reverse osmosis and electrodeionization.

        In the membrane degassing process, liquid flows through the pressure vessel and also flows around the hollow fiber modules. During this process, the gas to be removed diffuses through the hollow fiber modules and is discharged with another strip gas. Membrane degassing is a continuous process that produces waste water and requires cooling water for the vacuum pumps.

        EnviroFALK membrane degassing systems are not only characterized by many years of expertise in the manufacture of standardized compact systems, but also in the production of individualized water treatment systems with membrane degassing.

        Advantages of membrane degassing

        • Optimum removal of dissolved carbon dioxide and oxygen
        • minimizes the risk of corrosion
        • increases operational safety
        • Available in various sizes, flow rates and material versions

        CO2 tricklers remove the free carbon dioxide contained in the water. They are often used in the field of ion exchange – especially in conjunction with decarbonization systems or demineralization systems (demineralized water systems).

        EnviroFALK CO2 diffusers are available in various sizes, flow rates and material designs.

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