Surfaces & parts in perfection. Surface technology & parts cleaning.

Water treatment for parts cleaning & surface technology

Absolute cleanliness is essential in industrial parts cleaning and surface technology. Unwanted particles and layers on surfaces and parts must be removed without leaving any residue. This is because the full functionality of the components is the decisive quality criterion for successful machining in the subsequent processes, such as coating or electroplating. What do you need? Water in various qualities.

Expertise in all areas - our areas of application for water treatment in parts cleaning


Parts cleaning for industrial medical technology

The right water quality is not only important in the operating theatre itself, but of course also during the processing and production of sensitive medical technology.

Parts cleaning for the optical industry

Depending on the area of application, the cleaning process consists of various active baths and the associated coarse rinses, which are fed with treated water.
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Parts cleaning for the watch industry

Due to the complex surface geometries and microstructures of the workpieces, watch manufacturers require intelligent cleaning and rinsing concepts with ultra-pure water.

Parts cleaning in the automotive industry

In the automotive industry and its suppliers, very different qualities of process water are required at various stages of production.
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Water treatment for electroplating

With our water treatment systems, workpieces are optimally prepared in active baths and cleaned residue-free.
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Water treatment for metalworking

With our water treatment systems, cleaning between or after the mechanical processing of metals becomes economical.

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Nothing could be easier. The solution lies in the sustainable use of process water in the cycle. Discover our pure water circulation systems.

Not only that: we also extend the service life of your active and cleaning baths! By constantly cleaning and removing oils, grease and particles from the water in the baths, you achieve consistently top results. Here you can find out more about our
bathroom treatment solutions.

Of course, because this is absolutely essential for your production. On request, your new system can be manufactured in our clean room. Production under high-purity conditions? No problem for us.

That fits well, because we can both. Standardized water treatment systems and individualized water treatment systems. Piping? Also available in PP using the infrared welding process (IR) or in PVDF using the bead and groove-free welding process (WNF). Limited space? We use every centimeter that is available for the processing system at your premises. Discover the many options for customizing your new water treatment system.

Over 30 years of experience and cross-industry expertise, long-term partnerships and a specially trained service team at locations throughout Germany and Switzerland convince many well-known customers with fascinating brands every day. All signs of trust. We know what we are doing, and we do it properly and conscientiously. In doing so, we focus on what will help you as a company. So that you are on the safe side.

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