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Well thought-out disinfection to prevent germ contamination

Disinfection - for effective protection

Using water several times and ensuring that there is no contamination requires well thought-out disinfection.

Our experts carry out an in-depth analysis of effectiveness and sustainability beforehand. EnviroFALK offers different disinfection options depending on the area of application.

UV sterilization – UV radiation and antibacterial effect

UV disinfection is widely used as a bactericide in water treatment. The UV light destroys the DNA, the cell membranes and the enzymes of the microorganisms by forming free radicals in the water. The process takes place as the pre-treated water flows through an irradiation chamber in a controlled manner. UV radiation with a wavelength of 254 nm is particularly effective for the antibacterial effect.

UV oxidation – UV radiation as an effective oxidizing agent

UV radiation with a wavelength of 185 nm is most effective in the UV oxidation of organic compounds, as it splits large organic molecules into smaller ionized components, which are then often removed by a downstream ion exchanger. UV radiation at 185 nm acts as an effective oxidizing agent in water treatment and is often used in the production of high-purity water.

Chemical disinfection – Chemical water disinfection

The efficiency of chemical water disinfection depends in particular on the type of process and the active substances used. Our experts determine the optimum operating materials and their dosage for your water disinfection. In this way, germs and viruses can be permanently combated and the formation of new biofilm prevented. Naturally, we only use products for EnviroFALK water treatment systems that have proven themselves many times over in our group of companies.

EnviroFALK products for disinfection


Envi GreenPURE Triton

The ultrapure water system for small requirements! The TRITON has a modular design and offers a high degree of flexibility to adapt to your specific requirements.


    AGUASAVE water treatment module

    AGUASAVE water treatment module The modules in the AGUASAVE family are suitable for systems of all sizes. From single-family homes...


      Filters & sterile filters

      Filters & fine filters Pressure-resistant filter housing made of plastic or stainless steel, incl. Filter cartridges for coarse filtration of particles...

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