Doppelenthärter mit Solebehälter und einem Steuerkopf

GAHOtech soft

Hard water causes limescale and calcifies appliances, systems and heating elements. GAHOtech soft is the ideal water treatment and offers system protection for dishwashers, combi-steamers, kettles, boilers and steam irons.

Softening as system protection for a long appliance life

Hard water causes scale. It causes your appliances, systems and heating elements to calcify. GAHOtech soft from EnviroFALK is the ideal solution and offers the system protection that your dishwasher, combi-steamer, kettle, boiler and steam iron need. Prevent damage, avoid repairs and save costs – with GAHOtech soft from EnviroFALK.

Passt nicht? Gibt es bei uns nicht!

Bei individueller Anlagenplanung führt kein Weg an EnviroFALK vorbei. Lassen Sie sich von unseren Fachberatern überzeugen!

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