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Hannover Ice: Ice cube production at the highest level thanks to consistently high water quality

Supplier Hannover Ice produces exquisite ice cubes with GAHOtech multi water treatment from EnviroFALK.

Hannover Ice produces ice cubes for cooling and preparing beverages for water, soft drinks, juices, cocktails and drinks. The exquisite ice cubes are also used to cool bottles, fresh produce, fruit and other foods in displays in refrigerated, presentation and sales counters. The company has also adapted to the requirements of medicine, physiotherapy, medical fitness, sport, wellness and sauna. Ice cube production requires consistently high water quality. Find out how the experts from EnviroFALK planned and implemented the water treatment for Hannover Ice.

EnviroFALK Wasseraufbereitung GAHOtech Multifunktionsanlage

Customer challenge
Energy-efficient and sustainable treatment of different water qualities.

zu den Verfahrenstechniken

Hannover Ice only uses fresh drinking water from the region to make its ice cubes. The GAHOtech multifunctional system from EnviroFALK ensures consistently high water quality.

The system combines high-quality process technologies from the soft, clean and drink series and guarantees all required water qualities. Both the water treatment and the ice production plant are integrated into the company’s holistic production process. With crystal-clear ice, drinks retain their full flavor and invite you to enjoy them. The perfect kick for cool drinks!

  • High-quality process engineering
  • Top water quality
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Economical water consumption

EnviroFALK’s GAHOtech multi water treatment system was particularly impressive thanks to its energy efficiency and economical water consumption.

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