Doppelenthärter mit einem Steuerkopf und einem Solebehälter

Envi GreenSOFT
MC-N 2CT double softener

Continuous water flow: A softener with only one GRP cartridge can interrupt the water flow during the water flow during the regeneration process, as the system is is out of operation during this time. With a double softener, however, the water flow can be maintained continuously, as one of the tanks is always in in operation while the other is regenerating.

  • contains two GRP cartridges, a control head, brine tank, brine valve & water meter
  • Uninterrupted supply
  • Convenient refilling, cleaning and maintenance thanks to free-standing brine tank
  • Menu-guided programming with four selectable languages (DE, FR, EN, ES)
  • Time or quantity-controlled regeneration
  • Diagnostic mode and history memory with battery-backed storage of settings and values in the event of a power failure
  • Residual hardness of approx. 0.1 °dH


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