Ion exchanger service for heavy metals

Environmentally friendly removal of heavy metals with ion exchangers

Galvanic rinsing water, process, pickling and cleaning baths often contain various chemical substances and metals that are highly toxic. For this reason, professional wastewater treatment is essential. This is because companies are not allowed to discharge this wastewater back into the public sewage system without water treatment.

jeweils vier Ionenaustauscher in zwei unterschiedlichen Ausführungen in verschiedenen Größen

Ion exchangers and regeneration: we are your experts here

So-called selective ion exchangers are used for treatment, which safely remove heavy metals from industrial water in metalworking industries. The process is reliable, but the special selective exchange resin inside the rack and cartridge systems is exhausted after a certain loading time and thus loses its effectiveness. From this point onwards, the selective ion exchangers require treatment. We at EnviroFALK specialize in the regeneration of ion exchange resins and offer you a comprehensive service.

Selective ion exchanger – EnviroFALK takes care of regeneration

After use, selective ion exchangers are often contaminated with dissolved heavy metals and must not only be 100% pure, but also treated with a special treatment. This is a highly complex process, but you don’t need to worry about it. Finally, there is EnviroFALK: We regenerate your selective ion exchange resins at our site in Westerburg. Our service doesn’t just include ion exchanger regeneration – we also collect your selective exchangers from your premises and return them to you refurbished.

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Safe. On time. Fast...

...throughout Germany! Our EnviroFALK branches are also in your neighbourhood to ensure a smooth regeneration process.

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              Good reasons to talk to us

              When it comes to regenerating selective ion exchangers, there is hardly a faster and more reliable partner than the EnviroFALK regeneration service. The entire regeneration process is designed to recover valuable materials from wastewater containing metal. A real alternative to in-house wastewater treatment plants, which are often far too costly and uneconomical for many of our customers.

              EnviroFALK focuses on service without compromise. We have therefore added further dimensions to our regeneration center for you and now also offer the regeneration of selective exchangers from our Westerburg site. The special feature: We have a permit that allows us to collect and transport selective ion exchangers – which are loaded with heavy metals.

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