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EnviroFALK starts regeneration base in Würzburg

EnviroFALK GmbH launches regeneration base in Würzburg

Hello Würzburg region! When it comes to water treatment using ion exchangers, you now enjoy a spectacular home advantage. With our new EnviroFALK location in Würzburg, we now offer you our regeneration service for ion exchangers.

EnviroFALK GmbH –
Regeneration base Würzburg
Ring road 15
97270 Kist
Fax +49 2663 9908 50
Karte von GoogleMaps mit dem Standort Ringstraße 15 97270 Kist

Regenerating ion exchangers for the best demineralized water

Do you expect the best water quality for cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting? We prepare your ion exchangers perfectly for your applications.

We can be with you in the Würzburg region in no time at all with our regeneration mobile and supply your ion exchangers with freshly treated resins. And for almost all makes!

Regenerate ion exchanger cartridges – Würzburg region

What are you waiting for? Order our regeneration service for ion exchangers!

Score points with the best deionized water quality!

Good reasons to talk to us

Us too! With our regeneration mobile, we can be with you in no time at all and supply your ion exchangers with freshly treated resins for optimum water demineralization and partial water demineralization. And for almost all makes! With our regeneration service for ion exchangers, we are close to you. Whether Würzburg, Bamberg, Nuremberg, Fürth, Fulda, Meinigen, Bayreuth, Coburg, Schweinfurt, Wertheim, Aschaffenburg, Suhl, Erlangen, Ansbach, Kitzingen, Forchheim, Bad Mergentheim, Bad Kissingen, Bad Neustadt an der Saale, Hünfeld – We are here for you. Of course, we also offer our regeneration service for ion exchangers in other regions of Germany. Just give us a call! Phone +49 2663 9908-93 You are also welcome to send us the regeneration of your ion exchangers using our practical online form. Online order to regenerate cartridges.

We process ion exchange resins in 60-liter drums and 500-liter containers. Our experts know exactly which ion exchange resins are best suited to your applications. It’s best to arrange a consultation right away.

We separate and regenerate your
ion exchange resins strictly according to industries and areas of application
. For example, EnviroFALK has its own resin pool exclusively for hospitals and laboratories, for medical technology, for the optical industry, for commercial kitchens, for glass processing companies, for the metal industry, for tool and mold making and many other sectors. We are very strict about that. Because with EnviroFALK ion exchangers you can achieve the best results. That’s what drives us. For more than 30 years!

Fully demineralized water, i.e. demineralized water that is treated using ion exchangers, is a decisive quality factor in your work processes. Especially in research, laboratories, the medical sector and industrial production , deionized water via ion exchangers is indispensable when it comes to cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting. With our EnviroFALK branch in Würzburg, we offer you the regeneration service for ion exchangers. We not only supply you with high-quality ion exchangers in the Würzburg region, but also take care of the regeneration of the ion exchangers. Of course, we test every resin batch of your ion exchanger cartridges in the laboratory for conductivity and capacity. We can also determine the TOC value on request.

Then EnviroFALK is the right place for you. Because when it comes to cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting with demineralized water, we have stood for the best water quality for more than 30 years with our regeneration service for ion exchangers.

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