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Water treatment plant

“Made in Germany” water treatment system for your application

The experts at EnviroFALK design state-of-the-art industrial water treatment systems for a wide range of different applications.

We can also provide you with a highly efficient water treatment system that meets your requirements across the board. It doesn’t matter whether you need treated water or demineralized water in industry, in the laboratory or in medical technology: thanks to our extensive experience, we offer the right treatment system for every requirement. In other words, we at EnviroFALK don’t know any “can’t”!


Wasseraufbereitungsanlage für Teilereinigung mit EDI Zelle und Enthärtungspatronen
EnviroFALK water treatment system. Exemplary representation for industrial medical technology.

Why an EnviroFALK water treatment system pays off for you

A major advantage of EnviroFALK water treatment systems is their modular design. All purification stages in the water treatment system can be integrated into a closed housing or open frame, completely pre-assembled, tested and ready for connection and operation. The promised water qualities are already checked and documented in the company’s own quality control department and offer the customer maximum security. Each individual water treatment system, which bears the name EnviroFALK, is optimally adapted to the respective spatial conditions, for example in industry, and can be installed and commissioned on site within a very short time. Water treatment à la carte directly from the manufacturer, so to speak! However, the modular design is by no means the only thing that distinguishes an EnviroFALK system for professional water treatment technology. Further advantages are:

  • German quality work
  • Solid and durable construction
  • Powerful and efficient in operation
  • Low maintenance
  • fair in price.
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