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Kistler: Treated water for the production of high-quality measuring platforms

Kistler produces high-quality measurement platforms for biomechanics. EnviroFALK process water technology is used to clean the complex components.

Kistler Instrumente AG is one of the world’s leading suppliers of pressure, force, torque and acceleration sensors. In biomechanics, measurement platforms provide valuable information on gait analysis and training progress in athletes. A new cleaning room with process water technology from EnviroFALK was planned at the company headquarters in Winterthur to manufacture the high-quality products.

Reverse osmosis system and ultrafiltration

Challenge for the customer
Water treatment technology based on industry-specific process parameters.

To the process technologies

Installation of a pure water circulation system to achieve the process parameters and environmental requirements. The starting point was a detailed specification from Kistler.

Based on existing applications, good service performance and cooperation with other suppliers, EnviroFALK was included in the group of five potential suppliers. The professional and competent advice from Dr. Rolf Schreinert and Henri Altorfer quickly convinced the project management at Kistler that they were working with the right partner.

The concept was also expanded to include a central reverse osmosis system and ultrafiltration. For Kistler, the requirements for the process parameters were new to this extent and the most important requirement was to ensure process reliability for production.

  • Process reliability in production
  • Consistently high water quality
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Service on call

Kistler Instrumente AG is very satisfied with the EnviroFALK water treatment system.

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