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Efficient and safe: treatment of boiler feed water

Water treatment for boiler feed water

The requirements for your water treatment system are as unique as every industry.
At EnviroFALK, you will be advised by experts who know your specific areas of application inside out.

Better safe than sorry

Admittedly, this is a very old saying. However, when it comes to protecting your expensive energy generation systems, it is more relevant than ever. There is a simple method to avoid malfunctions and costly breakdowns: Ensure consistently high water quality for boiler feed water and cooling water! If this is guaranteed, dangerous scale formation or other performance-impairing deposits or corrosion will not occur in the first place. How? With us as your partner! We develop high-quality systems for cooling and boiler feed water treatment that are precisely tailored to the requirements of your industrial operation.

Why is it worthwhile for you to focus on the high quality of the water used?

Your systems for heat generation, steam or power generation can be operated many times more economically as a result.

Wasseraufbereitungsanlage und Kessel mit der Überschrift "Aufbereitung von Kesselspeisewasser"

Boiler systems require consistently high water quality for heating, generating process steam or generating electricity via steam turbines.

Cooling water and boiler feed water treatment with EnviroFALK

Among other things, EnviroFALK develops systems for cooling and boiler feed water treatment that are precisely matched to the dimensioning, pressure rating and operation of the boiler systems and the applicable guidelines.

Process combinations of filtration, softening, reverse osmosis with electrodeionisation (EDI) or ion exchange form the basis for safe and economical boiler feed water. To avoid corrosion and deposits and to comply with the water chemistry and microbiological requirements in cooling circuits, cooling water treatment and water conditioning must be precisely tailored to requirements in compliance with VDI 2047-2, 6022 and 3803.

Customers & Solutions

Boiler feed water for steam generation at BASF Lampertheim

BASF Lampertheim GmbH uses pure water for steam generation to supply boiler systems. The water is treated using ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis systems from EnviroFALK.

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Klingele Papierwerk: New water treatment for the energy center

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MEWA Textil-Service: Optimal wash water

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News from EnviroFALK

Christmas will be GREEN this year!

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Containers create more space

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EnviroFALK Switzerland at the new Hünenberg site

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Gute Gründe für ein Gespräch mit uns

At EnviroFALK, you will be advised by experts who know your specific requirements inside out. For each individual project, we focus on what will move you forward. Whether you are an industrial company, general contractor, energy service provider or engineering office: We work together to produce a solution concept for your cooling water and boiler feed water treatment. This is essential: We listen to you carefully. We see ourselves as your partner and offer you our expert support.

That fits well, because EnviroFALK systems are highly customised. No two systems that leave our factory are the same. They differ according to the processes selected depending on customer-specific standards, the required degree of purity, the selection of permitted materials, the required output, etc. Water treatment systems cover every customer requirement perfectly, are not catalogue goods, not oversized or even undersized, but a perfect fit. Discover the many options for customising your boiler feed water treatment system, especially for power generation.

Wir fertigen Ihre Wasseraufbereitung auf Wunsch in einer platzsparenden, mobilen Containeranlage. Für die flexible Wasserversorgung Ihrer außerplanmäßigen Produktionspeaks, wartungsbedingten Betriebsunterbrechungen und Pilotversuche, bieten wir Ihnen zudem Wasseraufbereitungsanlagen auf Mietbasis an.

EnviroFALK water treatment plants are built in Westerburg in the Westerwald. From housing construction and pipework to the control cabinet and automation technology: the complete system is carefully assembled in our modern production hall according to your requirements and wishes and only delivered to you and installed after extensive tests and inspections.

Sie sorgen dafür, dass Energie für den Produktionsprozess fließt – Versorgungssicherheit ist das A und O bei Ihrer Arbeit. Ausfälle können Sie sich nicht leisten. Wir uns ebenfalls nicht. Also sorgen wir dafür, dass Sie im Falle eines Falles schnell geholfen bekommen. Von vielen Standorten in Deutschland und in der Schweiz aus, erreichen Sie unsere geschulten Servicetechniker in kürzester Zeit. Wir sind Ihnen nah. Hier geht’s zu unserem Service- und Dienstleistungsangebot.

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