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High-quality process water technology: water treatment systems from EnviroFALK

Do you need specially treated water for smooth production processes, special cleaning purposes or the proper functioning of various heating and cooling processes? Either way, with EnviroFALK process water technology – direct from the manufacturer – you are optimally positioned. With more than 30 years of experience in the field of process water technology, we develop water treatment systems that play a crucial role in industrial and commercial operations. Not just before, but after every production step that requires process water.


Efficient water treatment systems are essential to turn any water into suitable process water. This is because various properties of the water, such as particle content, hardness, salt content, but also organic and microbiological impurities, can influence the quality of your industrial processes. To prevent this from happening and to ensure that you always have exactly the right water for your requirements, simply benefit from the advantages of EnviroFALK process water technology. You don’t want standard solutions, but systems that are perfectly tailored to your needs? A perfect fit, Made in Germany?

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