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Metal cleaning

Treated water for metalworking companies

In metalworking companies, typical tasks such as drilling, milling, turning and welding are carried out, which at first glance have little to do with water. However, treated water is of fundamental importance for metal cleaning.

Typical areas of application include, for example

  • General metal cleaning
  • Extending the service life of drilling and cutting emulsions
  • Cleaning of mass finishing water
  • Treatment of cutting water for high-pressure water cutting systems
  • Treatment of rinsing water
  • Preparation and disinfection of degreasing baths

Metal cleaning often requires demineralized water through ion exchange or reverse osmosis. The advantages of using demineralized water are numerous. The systems can be better cooled and lubricated, tools and cutting emulsions can be used for longer, bacterial growth and corrosion are minimized.

EnviroFALK reverse osmosis for the metal industry. Exemplary representation.
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