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EnviroFALK supplies water treatment for green hydrogen production

The experts support the world’s leading energy company with process water technology

The water technology company EnviroFALK from Westerburg is now also using its technologies for green hydrogen production. Green hydrogen is produced by electrolysis. In this process, regeneratively generated electrical energy is converted into hydrogen. A process that requires the purest water.

From the Westerwald to the Rhineland

EnviroFALK recently supplied water treatment to a leading global energy company for the production of sustainable chemical and energy products in the Rhineland.

The water treatment system is based on the ion exchange process. The demineralized water (demineralized water) is continuously circulated through the PEM electrolyser. The hydrogen electrolysis system contains a solid polymer electrolyte, also known as a “proton exchange membrane”. Hence the abbreviation “PEM”. For maximum production safety, the membrane must only be rinsed with demineralized water.

The experts from EnviroFALK were able to score points here with their many years of expertise in water treatment.


Hydrogen from electricity instead of natural gas

The PEM plant makes it possible to produce hydrogen from electricity instead of natural gas, thereby reducing the site’sCO2 intensity. The aim of the energy company is to produce clean fuels and petrochemicals and also to use hydrogen in transportation and other sectors.

Green, i.e. emission-neutral, hydrogen can thus gradually replace the “grey” hydrogen from the steam reforming of natural gas – which is used for the desulphurization of petrol and diesel precursors – in refineries.


EnviroFALK process water technology for green hydrogen production

Peter Leyendecker, Managing Director of EnviroFALK: “We know how to use water intelligently. For over 30 years, we have been ensuring that the valuable resource of water is used even more sustainably in industrial areas as well as in hospitals and laboratories. Being involved in the development of green hydrogen and thus continuing to grow once again underlines the importance of our work. Because with our water treatment technology, we are playing our part in driving forward climate neutrality quickly and concretely.”


EnviroFALK creates additional employment opportunities and interesting job prospects

EnviroFALK thus creates additional employment opportunities and interesting job prospects for specialists who want to work towards the sustainable use of water.

Working at EnviroFALK means one thing above all: being versatile! The company therefore also offers numerous apprenticeships in the technical, commercial and IT fields.


EnviroFALK is part of the EnviroWater Group

EnviroFALK is part of the EnviroWater Group, a network of companies with experts in sustainable water purification and water treatment.

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