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Laboratory water treatment

EnviroFALK laboratory water treatment

EnviroFALK makes water treatment systems for the production of laboratory water. This is also referred to as laboratory water treatment, as pure water of different qualities and quantities is used for general as well as specific laboratory applications. Pure and ultrapure water is an important resource in everyday laboratory work, for instance in hospitals, university hospitals, research institutes, laboratories, doctors' surgeries, pharmacies and for medical technology.

Applications of laboratory water treatment

Laboratory water treatment is used in a wide variety of scenarios where pure or ultrapure water is used. General laboratory applications include supplying laboratory dishwashers or autoclaves. The specific laboratory applications range from supplying ultrapure water systems and analytical instruments to supplying clean rooms. In addition to the GREEN-LINE series of laboratory water treatment systems, EnviroFALK also offers ion exchange systems and ion exchange cartridges for the production of demineralised water (DI water), reverse osmosis units, pure and ultrapure water systems for supplying the central sterile supply departments (CSSD) with their washer-disinfectors (WD and WD-E).

The broad range allows users to tailor the purity of the water to their precise needs, thus improving the reliability of their results and the efficiency of their laboratory.

Economical planning of laboratory water treatment

Supplying high-quality laboratory water requires investment and incurs overheads.. The treatment technology used is decisive in ensuring economical supply and requires thorough planning. When designing your laboratory water treatment system, the EnviroFALK experts take a wide range of criteria into account, such as:

  • What is the quality of your feed water?
  • How high is your laboratory’s water consumption?
  • Which water qualities do you need at which workstation?
  • Is centralized or decentralized reprocessing appropriate in your laboratory, taking the running costs into account?
  • Which process technologies are best for treating your laboratory water? For example ion exchanger vs. reverse osmosis with EDI.
  • Which standards and regulations does your laboratory adhere to?
  • Do you want to benefit from regular maintenance and service?

Optimum service for all your laboratory water treatment needs

EnviroFALK offers its customers a full service from a single source for laboratory, hospital and medical technology applications – covering everything from the service agreement right through to genuine spare parts and repairs as well as conversions and regeneration of ion exchange cartridges. If you so wish, our experts are happy to carry out commissioning of your new water treatment system and are also happy to handle all of the piping in your lab. You can trust the EnviroFALK experts when it comes to laboratory water treatment.


EnviroFALK GREEN-LINE reverse osmosis with EDI for laboratory water treatment. Exemplary representation.
EnviroFALK GREEN-LINE reverse osmosis with EDI for laboratory water treatment. Exemplary representation.