Ultrapure water
for electrolysis
Ultrapure water treatment for green hydrogen production

We’re green! Ultrapure water systems for hydrogen production.

You want sustainability? We can deliver! Water treatment systems for electrolysis plant supply

Our water treatment systems supply high-efficiency electrolysis plants with ultrapure water. Ultrapure water is elementary for water electrolysis technology and thus an important factor in the production of green hydrogen.

EnviroFALK ultrapure water systems for green hydrogen production as the energy carrier of the future. Join us in creating climate neutrality!

Ultrapure water for the electrolysis plant supply – perfectly coordinated!

Green hydrogen is produced by electrolysis, which converts renewable electrical energy into hydrogen. The production of green hydrogen by electrolysis requires the purest possible water, so-called ultrapure water.

We have adapted our water treatment systems to the specific requirements of electrolysis. On the one hand, by using ultrapure water recirculation systems that sustainably recirculate the treated water, and on the other by using pure water systems for fresh water make-up. Of course, we also enable a combination of both approaches, because we aim to design our water treatment plants precisely to meet the requirements of the individual electrolysis processes for maximum safety and sustainability!

If you need ultrapure water for electrolysis you’ve come to the right place! EnviroFALK water treatment systems are not only suitable, but perfectly tailored to suit electrolysis systems!

Good reasons to talk to us

Are you looking for water treatment for your individual electrolysis process?

Voila! Whether you are looking for ultrapure water recirculation systems, which sustainably recirculate the treated water, or pure water systems for fresh water make-up, or a combination of both – we design the water treatment precisely for your electrolysis process.

Do you expect the highest standards of pure water quality for your electrolysis process?

So do we! Perfectly coordinated combined processes, such as softening, reverse osmosis, electrodeionisation (EDI) or ion exchange ensure consistently high ultrapure water quality and thus smooth hydrogen production.

Do you need ion exchangers for full water demineralisation as well as a professional regeneration service for your electrolysis application?

DI water intended for electrolysis processes is often treated using ion exchangers, but even the best ion exchanger resin – which performs the actual water deionisation inside the ion exchange cartridge – gets exhausted eventually. EnviroFALK provides a professional regeneration service for ion exchange resins at its own regeneration stations throughout Germany, with state-of-the-art technology and plant engineering ensuring sustainable operating processes.

What makes us so unique? We don’t just mix the resins together and then process them. We regenerate our ion exchange resins segregated by type, sorted according to industry and area of application in specially designed resin pools, to ensure top water quality!

Are you considering setting up your own regeneration station to process ion exchange resins exclusively for electrolysis?

Benefit from our unique planning expertise, because EnviroFALK is part of the EnviroWater Group, a network of companies with experts in sustainable water treatment and conditioning.

Does safety take top priority for you?

Same here! Safety and sustainability in water treatment combined with optimum cost efficiency. We have been serving selected industries with our process water technology for over 30 years, focusing on what helps you as a company, With our service network, we ensure safety, both on site and via remote diagnostics.

If you’re looking for competent advice,

then you’ve come to the right place! Our experts will be happy to advise you on all aspects of water treatment for operating electrolysis systems. Most importantly: we listen carefully. Make an appointment right away! We are happy to pay you an on-site visit. Of course, you are also welcome to visit us at our EnviroFALK headquarters in the heart of the Westerwald region!

Did you know? EnviroFALK is part of the EnviroWater Group, a network of companies with experts in sustainable water treatment and conditioning. Take a look at what our colleagues from EnviroChemie are doing in the field of water treatment for the production of green hydrogen. Click here to find the latest news: EnviroChemie wins contract to supply water treatment for the operation of a PEM electrolyser for the production of green hydrogen.