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Konzeptfabrik Sozial- und Betriebsgastronomie

KONZEPTfabrik social and company catering

The economic pressure on establishments in the company and social catering sector has not eased as a result of coronavirus. However, the economy is closely linked to an increasing awareness of quality and ecology. This area of tension raises important questions for you and your kitchen team. KONZEPTfabrik, as an association of well-known manufacturers and service providers, has made it its mission to work through precisely this relationship triangle for you and to provide you with concrete solutions.

In our interactive seminar “Company and social catering concept”, we will explore with you how you can use this relationship triangle to your advantage and act proactively.

Security for today and solutions for tomorrow!

The topics range from the use of goods and personnel to quality assurance and legal security, from the digitalization of the kitchen to goodfoodmood. Of course, enjoyment and current trends also play a major role.

Comprehensive – Practical – Innovative

Hiding is useless. Take advantage of the time and exchange ideas with colleagues in breakout rooms. You will need a computer or laptop, preferably with a webcam or simply a smartphone.

Register now. Many suggestions and practical solutions await you!

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