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We are green! Ultrapure water systems for hydrogen production.

Sustainable? We can! Water treatment plants for the supply of electrolysis plants

Our water treatment plants supply highly efficient electrolysis systems with ultrapure water. This is because the purest water is essential for water electrolysis technology. And thus an important component in the production of green hydrogen.

EnviroFALK ultrapure water systems for green hydrogen production as the energy source of the future. Shape climate neutrality with us!

Ultrapure water for the supply of electrolysis systems – perfectly coordinated!

Green hydrogen is produced by electrolysis. In this process, regeneratively generated electrical energy is converted into hydrogen. The production of green hydrogen by electrolysis requires the purest water, so-called ultrapure water.

With our water treatment systems, we have adapted to the different requirements of electrolysis. On the one hand, by means of ultrapure water circulation systems, which circulate the treated water sustainably, and on the other hand by means of pure water systems for fresh water replenishment. Of course, we also offer a combination of both approaches. After all, we aim to design our water treatment systems precisely to the requirement profiles of the individual electrolysis processes. For maximum safety and sustainability!

Do you need ultrapure water for electrolysis? Then you’ve come to the right place! EnviroFALK water treatment systems are not only suitable, but also perfectly matched to electrolysis systems!

EnviroFALK supplies water treatment for green hydrogen production

EnviroFALK recently supplied water treatment to a leading global energy company for the production of sustainable chemical and energy products in the Rhineland. The water treatment system is based on the ion exchange process. The demineralized water (demineralized water) is continuously circulated through the PEM electrolyser. Learn more

Good reasons to talk to us

You can have it. Whether you need ultrapure water circulation systems that keep the treated water in circulation for the long term or pure water systems for fresh water replenishment or a combination of both – we design the water treatment system precisely for your electrolysis process.

Us too! Optimally coordinated process combinations, such as softening, reverse osmosis, electrodeionization (EDI) or ion exchange, ensure consistently high ultrapure water quality and thus smooth hydrogen production.

Demineralized water for electrolysis processes is often treated using ion exchangers. However, even the best ion exchanger resin – which is responsible for the actual demineralization of the water inside the ion exchanger cartridge – is exhausted at some point. EnviroFALK professionally reconditions ion exchange resins in its own regeneration stations throughout Germany. State-of-the-art technology and plant-internal water cycles ensure sustainable operating processes.

What makes us so unique? We do not simply mix and prepare the resins. We regenerate ion exchange resins by type! According to sector and area of application in specially designed resin pools. For the best water quality!

Benefit from unique planning expertise. EnviroFALK is part of the EnviroWater Group, a network of companies with experts in sustainable water purification and water treatment.

For us too! Safety and sustainability in water treatment with optimum cost efficiency. We have been supplying selected industrial sectors with our process water technology for more than 30 years. In doing so, we focus on what will help you as a company. We ensure safety with our service network. Both on site and via remote diagnosis.

Then you’ve come to the right place! Our experts will be happy to advise you on all aspects of water treatment for the operation of electrolysis systems. This is very important: We listen to you carefully. Make an appointment now. We will be happy to visit you on site. Of course, we also welcome you to our EnviroFALK headquarters in the heart of the Westerwald.

Did you know? EnviroFALK is part of the EnviroWater Group, a network of companies with experts in sustainable water purification and water treatment. Take a look at what our colleagues from EnviroChemie are implementing in the field of water treatment for the production of green hydrogen. Click here for the news: EnviroChemie has been awarded the contract to supply the water treatment for the operation of a PEM electrolyzer for the production of green hydrogen.

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