Technical Support
Precise fault diagnosis.
Technical Support
Competent implementation on site.

Technical support

EnviroFALK technical customer service – quick and efficient

You can only take on responsibility if you take things seriously – for your customers and yourself.

We set high standards for the quality and durability of our water treatment systems. Within the Enviro Group we have a team of over 50 specially trained service technicians on hand for our customers nationwide. Our close-knit service network guarantees fast response times and customer proximity. Of course we are also happy to prepare a customised service package for you, tailored to your specific application.

To ensure that we can provide prompt assistance if you need technical support, please have the number of your water treatment system ready when you call.

The benefits for you:

Always stay on the safe side – technical support

1. Technical consultation.

Our close-knit service network and our trained service technicians make it possible. Benefit from quick communication and prompt response times.

2. Competent on-site support.

If things aren’t running as they should, our technicians come quickly to your aid with their service vans – with a wide range genuine spare parts on board – to ensure that the fault is rectified as quickly as possible.

3. Precise fault diagnosis.

When it comes to precise fault diagnosis, you can trust our experts, because a trained eye can identify problems quickly and reliably.

4. Refurbishment.

Is your water treatment system showing its age? If replacing your existing system is out of the question at the moment, we are happy to offer you a system refurbishment, after performing a detailed analysis, so that you can get back up to date with the latest technology.

5. You need reliability.

Over 30 years of experience and expertise in a wide range of industries, long-term partnerships and a specially trained service team at sites all over Germany and Switzerland impress many prestigious customers with fascinating brands on a daily basis – all of these are hallmarks of trust. We know what we’re doing and we do it properly and conscientiously, focusing on what helps you as a company, so that you are on the safe side.