Taken care of for the entire life of the system
Our attractive service agreements for your water treatment system.

Service agreements

Maximum reliability, predictable costs and optimum value retention

An EnviroFALK service agreement means that your water treatment plant will receive the best possible maintenance. This gives you, as a user, the necessary reliability for your production processes, while also enabling you to optimise planning of the maintenance and operating costs.

We offer service agreements with extended on-call service in case of malfunctions and even a comprehensive care-free package, which covers all of the costs for necessary spare parts and services, Of course, we are also happy to inspect and service water treatment systems made by other manufacturers (third-party equipment)so that your water treatment unit runs and runs and runs...

The benefits for you:

Always stay on the safe side – with an EnviroFALK service agreement

1. Maximum availability, reliability and value retention.

Regular, preventive care and maintenance using genuine spare parts guarantee the long-term availability and optimum performance of your water treatment system. An EnviroFALK service agreement helps you optimise the performance of your water treatment system.

2. Reliable planning and transparent costs.

Do you want to be able to plan long-term and have cost transparency? An EnviroFALK service agreement allows you to keep an eye on your costs and plan for the years to come.

3. Broad range of agreement options.

We know that you expect everything to run smoothly. Your service agreement will be tailored precisely to suit your application: specifically, individually, and a perfect fit.

4. Action rather than reaction

The benefits of an EnviroFALK service agreement are obvious: long service life of your water treatment system, early detection of deterioration due to wear, prevention of costly downtime, and individually scheduled service intervals.

5. You need reliability.

Over 30 years of experience and expertise in a wide range of industries, long-term partnerships and a specially trained service team at sites all over Germany and Switzerland impress many prestigious customers with fascinating brands on a daily basis – all of these are hallmarks of trust. We know what we’re doing and we do it properly and conscientiously, focusing on what helps you as a company, so that you are on the safe side.