Your water treatment system deserves first class service

You have purchased a first-class quality water treatment system, so it goes without saying that you will receive first class service.

Over 50 trained service technicians are on call every day to install, maintain or repair water treatment systems of all makes. Our service team, based at 9 sites throughout Germany and Switzerland, can reach you in next to no time.

Close proximity ensures outstanding reliability and top-class service. If you ever get stuck, we are close at hand and can reach you in next to no time. Our service fleet always carries a full range of standard spare parts and consumables.

How else can we help you? Experience our first class range of services:


1. Installation & commissioning

We bring you your new water treatment system right to where you want it, and we don’t leave until it is up and running. And of course we make sure that it stays that way. Our service team, made up of more than 50 specially trained service technicians based at sites throughout Germany and Switzerland, provides professional installation and commissioning for your water treatment systems, including systems made by other manufacturers.

Just a click away: Installation & commissioning

2. Technical customer service

If things aren't running as they should, just give us a call!

Precise fault diagnosis, ideal solutions and expert implementation: give us a call if you need technical support.

Just a click away: Technical customer service

3. Genuine spare parts and consumables

Full functionality depends on the best possible coordination of all components.

We only use high-quality components, which we have carefully selected and installed, in our water treatment systems. Even so, things can still occasionally get stuck during operation, in which case you need a replacement quickly. We always have a full range of standard spare parts in stock and get them to you as quickly as possible.

Just a click away: Genuine spare parts and consumables

4. Service and maintenance agreements

Not only are our water treatment plants perfectly tailored to your requirements. Our maintenance concept is just as perfectly suited to suit your circumstances, because it is obviously advisable to check the functions of your new system regularly and to put the system through its paces every now and then. This allows us to ensure that you will enjoy it for a long time to come.

Just a click away: Service and maintenance agreements

5. Tenders

We will be pleased to assist you in a speedy and targeted manner with comprehensive, detailed service specifications, in GAEB format if you wish. WWe make process water treatment systems, pure and ultra-pure water systems exactly in accordance with the application requirements. For this, we will draw up the technical details, conceptual drawings and flow charts, either in 3D or 2D drawing format.

Just a click away: EnviroFALK is happy to assist you with calls for tenders

6. Operator training courses and FAT

With our Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) you can be sure that we have fulfilled all your technical and quality requirements before your water treatment system leaves our premises. At the same time, you can take the opportunity to pay us a visit and discover the “birthplace” of your system, here in Westerburg.

Of course, we also offer a range of operator training courses. Contact us so that we can develop a training concept together to familiarise your employees with the use of our water treatment systems. Our modern training centre in Westerburg is ideal for this purpose, or we can also provide on-site training for your employees on your specific water treatment unit.

Just a click away: Operator training courses and FAT

7. Operational water management

Modern and successful companies are characterised by a continuous improvement in efficiency and productivity. There are plenty of opportunities for optimisation, especially when it comes to supplying production processes with different qualities of water.

If you wish, we can also handle all of your water management needs for treatment and purification plants for water and wastewater, after performing a detailed analysis.

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