Ion exchanger for
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For cleaning, rinsing and disinfection.

Always keeping an eye on conductivity: Analogue conductivity meters

GREEN-LINE conductivity meter C 50/C 50 A

The GREEN-LINE C 50 analogue conductivity meter permits easy and precise conductivity measurement for permanent quality control of your pure water. The analogue display can be used to determine the quality at all times. It is installed directly on the ion exchanger. The GREEN-LINE C 50 A conductivity meter display is connected to the cartridge outlet with a cable and can therefore be integrated into your laboratory equipment (wall mounting).

GREEN-LINE analogue conductivity meters

The analogue conductivity meter is mounted on a T-piece (PP) and can be directly connected to all common cartridges. 5 LEDs permanently indicate the current operating status of the ion exchange cartridge. The conductivity meter has a measuring range of 0 – 30 μS/cm. A green LED on the intelligent “traffic light system” lights up after the cartridge begins operation, which then changes to yellow and then red as the cartridge is depleted, in order to indicate that the need to regenerate the cartridge is approaching.

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