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EnviroFALK Process Water Technology
Pure- and ultra pure water plants

Customer challenge
Pure water supply for decontamination autoclaves
Autonomous drinking water supply system for isolation rooms
Central water treatment
Pure water suppy for decontamination and disinfection showers
Ring main system for water treatment equipment
Operational management of the entire water treatment systems

Treatment center: Pure- and ultrapure water for the isolation ward

National centre of treatment and competence in Berlin chooses EnviroFALK pure- and ultra pure water treatment  for isolation rooms

There are now eight national centres of competence for the treatment of potentially lethal imported infectious diseases such as viral haemorrhagic fever (VHF) in Germany, one of which is in a Berlin hospital. These centres have the necessary isolation and treatment units. The centre’s staff are specially trained for their work at the isolation unit under the direction of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

The hospital in Berlin isn’t just a centre for the treatment of soldiers from a major German military unit, but is also an integral part of the German healthcare system.

Equipment in the infectious disease ward

The infectious disease ward has two separate isolation units, where patients who need to be isolated can receive comprehensive care. Both of the patient isolation units have an airlock with a negative pressure systems, so that the risk of airborne infection is limited to the room where the patient is treated.

What the airlock service does

The airlock service doesn’t just help staff go in and out through the airlock, but is also responsible for processing materials, for example by autoclaving reusable sterilisable instruments to decontaminate them.

Pure water supply for the decontamination autoclave

The intricate design of clinical instruments and components calls for particularly careful cleaning and disinfection, which is done using special decontamination autoclaves. The autoclaves are supplied with 100 % treated water that meets the requirements of DIN EN 285. The strict limits that apply to the supply of pure water ensure that the instruments decontaminated in the autoclave cannot spread pathogens or lead to cross-contamination. EnviroFALK's pure water treatment units don’t just meet the limits stipulated in the European standards, DIN EN 15883 and DIN EN 285:2021-12, but even exceed them.

As Björn Bubner, Product Manager for Hospital, Laboratory and Medical Equipment at EnviroFALK, says: “We enjoy tackling challenging tasks, because a well-thought-out pure and ultrapure water supply system has to be perfectly tailored to meet the various requirements, objectives and spatial restrictions, but it is also obvious that consistently high water quality isn’t the only crucial factor in hospitals. There’s much more to it than that: The key focus is on ensuring operational and supply security with smart solutions for hospitals that are tailor-made to suit the institution, such as environmentally friendly concepts that cut water consumption, reduce operating costs, provide reliable equipment, and of course provide a reliable service that the hospital can depend upon.”

Autonomous drinking water supply system for isolation unit

In addition to the pure water treatment system used for the decontamination autoclaves, EnviroFALK’s experts also planned and installed the fully autonomous drinking water supply system for the two treatment rooms using a mains separation system. The drinking water separation units prevent any risk of backflow into the drinking water supply network. This safety device, which complies with DIN EN 1717 Category 5, protects the entire hospital’s drinking water supply from contamination from the isolation ward.

Central water treatment

In addition to this, EnviroFALK also installed the central pure water treatment system that complies with DIN EN ISO 15883. The central water treatment system is used to prepare and distribute pure and ultrapure water. Thanks to the special design of the system, the quantities and qualities of water required for each of the applications are treated in a cost- and energy-efficient way, such as the pure water supply for the decontamination and disinfection showers in the area of the airlocks.

Ring main system for water treatment equipment

The EnviroFALK experts also planned and installed the entire ring main system for the pure and ultrapure water treatment system under clean room conditions, fully shielded from the outside world, as well as a filtration system with terminal bacteria filters for highly immunosuppressed patients that complies with the requirements of the KRINKO (Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention of the German Robert Koch Institute).

Operational management of the entire water treatment system

To ensure perfect all-round service, EnviroFALK has also been responsible for the operational management of the water treatment equipment, including the entire water management system for the pure and ultrapure water treatment units, for the past year. Before taking this task on, EnviroFALK investigated all of the relevant process steps in detail and determined the potential for optimisation.