Pure water for CSSD
So pure and sophisticated.

Pure water for central sterile supply departments (CSSD / SPD / CSD)

Hygienically clean: instrument preparation with pure and ultrapure water

The central supply department, sterile processing department or central sterile supply department (CSSD) is an essential element of hospital infrastructure, because the provision of hygienically cleaned instruments is essentially the work preparation process for the operating theatre.

In special, elaborate procedures, the parts and instruments are cleaned and then any pathogens such as bacteria or viruses are removed in a disinfection and sterilization process. The facilities in the central sterilisation departments vary greatly: from washer-disinfectors, ultrasonic cleaners, autoclaves, sterilisers, steam generators or laboratory dishwashers – they all require treated water of various qualities.

We know all too well how crucial water quality is to the work in the CSSD.

We also know how important it is to comply with all of the requirements, standards and guidelines, but above all, we also know how basic reliable technology, reliable service and transparent cost efficiency characterise everyday hospital life.

Good reasons to talk to us.

1. You want top water quality for the CSSD.

Laws, standards and guidelines are omnipresent in health management, and above all in the CSSD, because compliance with legal regulations prevents infections caused by contaminated medical products.

Our pure and ultrapure water systems provide you with precisely the water you need, of the desired water quality and in the required quantity, for perfect cleaning results in instrument reprocessing in accordance with DIN EN 285 and DIN EN ISO 15883.

2. You want a perfect fit.

EnviroFALK pure and ultrapure water systems are exactly what you need when it comes to complex disinfection and sterilisation processes: for supplying washer-disinfectors, for thermal disinfection of wash ware, for producing pure steam for steam sterilisation, or as a coolant for sterilisers and disinfectors. We also develop tailor-made solution concepts for pure and ultrapure water treatment in CSSDs, even if space is limited. Need alternative piping options? We also offer PP with infrared welding (IR) or PVDF with bead and crevice-free welding (BCF).

Benefit from tailor-made water treatment systems that are perfectly suited to the economic conditions in hospitals, such as our EnviroFALK GREEN-LINE GEO + EDI 1000 ultrapure water unit which uses reverse osmosis and electrodeionisation for final demineralisation of the permeate. The demineralised water is reprocessed and is characterised, in particular, by low electrical conductivity and low levels of silicic acid.

3. As a planning office, you need professional support.

The requirements on water quality are just as unique as each hospital. We develop solutions for pure and ultrapure water treatment in close cooperation with planning offices, CSSD service providers, specialist planners and architects.

Whether you need treated water to supply washer-disinfectors for instrument and endoscopy preparation or for container systems, trolley washing systems or steam sterilisers, we integrate the water treatment system perfectly into the overall concept.

4. You want reliable service.

Whether you prefer individualised services or the entire package: We are your one-stop service shop for tailor-made service contracts with 24-hour on-call service, original spare parts, repair work, conversions, or regeneration of ion-exchange resins, to give you the reliability you need to ensure trouble-free operation in central sterilisation facilities.

5. You rely on advanced technology and high quality.

A good concept is not enough. Every component of one of our pure and ultrapure water units fulfils the highest requirements for consistently high water quality. The use of high-quality components and state-of-the-art control units ensure maximum safety in EnviroFALK water treatment units.