Pure water for washer-disinfectors
Pure and ultra-pure water production for instrument preparation.

Pure water for washer-disinfectors

Pure and ultra-pure water for maximum operational reliability: instrument preparation in washer-disinfectors

The intricate design of clinical instruments and components calls for particularly careful cleansing and disinfection, which is why special washer-disinfectors are used to clean and disinfect instruments reliably.

A constantly high standard of treated water is therefore of vital importance for the operation of washer-disinfectors. The stringent limits to which pure and ultra-pure water treatment is subject ensure that cleansed instruments are eliminated as a source of infection and cross-contamination and remain free of streaky marks and deposits.

One thing is always true: perfect results can only be achieved if the washer-disinfectors interact perfectly with the water treatment system used, which is our area of expertise!

Pure and ultrapure water for endoscope reprocessing in endoscope washer-disinfectors (WD-E)

We have also responded to the demand for washer-disinfectors for endoscope reprocessing (WD-E). After the chemical disinfection cycles, the endoscopes are rinsed with pure water to remove all traces and residues of disinfectants. Here too, the ultrapure water ensures that the sensitive instruments are kept free of deposits and corrosion.

Good reasons to talk to us.

1. You want expert advice.

EnviroFALK provides you with advice from experts who understand your specific washer-disinfector requirements inside out. We focus on exactly what will help you succeed in each and every project we collaborate in. Everything we recommend is conscientious.

2. You are only satisfied with perfect water quality.

When designing our pure and ultrapure water systems, we take the individual characteristics of washer-disinfectors into account, the peaks in demand and the areas of application, such as the reprocessing of surgical instruments or endoscopes and the associated laws, standards and guidelines.

For example, the water quality for washer-disinfectors with chemical disinfection for thermolabile endoscopes is described in the standard DIN EN ISO 15883 Part 4. Our pure and ultrapure water systems provide you with precisely the water you need, of the desired water quality and in the required quantity, for perfect cleaning results in instrument preparation.

3. You don't just want standard quality – you want more!

High-performance washer-disinfectors require a high level of process engineering know-how when it comes to water treatment. Perfectly coordinated combinations of processes ensure consistently high water quality – the perfect solution for your washer-disinfectors.

Is space limited? We make the most of every centimetre available for your treatment system.

4. You are committed to working in partnership.

The specifications for pure and ultrapure water treatment vary as much as washer-disinfectors vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. We develop solutions for pure and ultrapure water treatment in close cooperation with manufacturers, planning offices, CSSD service providers, specialist planners and architects, from detailed system design and 3D visualisation to installation and commissioning.

5. You want reliable service.

Over 30 years of experience, long-term partnerships and a specially trained service team based at sites throughout Germany and Switzerland are what convince so many prestigious customers of EnviroFALK on a daily basis. We are your one-stop service shop for tailor-made service contracts with 24-hour on-call service, original spare parts, repair work, conversions, or regeneration of ion-exchange resins, to give you the reliability you need to ensure trouble-free operation of your washer-disinfectors.