Pure water for laboratory applications
Pure and ultra-pure water treatment. So pure and so complex.

Pure water for general and specific laboratory applications

Pure and ultrapure water – so pure and so complex

Pure water is of vital importance in most laboratory applications. Particles, suspended solids, dissolved salts, organic substances or gases, nucleases and pyrogens are all undesirable components in water that not only interfere with laboratory applications, but can even falsify them. Contaminated samples and equipment lead to serious error rates in analytical laboratories.

Water used in general laboratory applications such as for rinsing glass containers is no less important, as residues in the water can affect critical applications. Water impurities also have a significant impact on the efficiency and service life of equipment downstream.

It's obvious: when it comes to water treatment, quality is critical.

But we know that there is more to pure and ultrapure water systems: environmentally friendly solutions cutting water consumption, low operating costs, reliable equipment, and reliable service are also indispensable.

Good reasons to talk to us.

1. We’ll give you expert advice.

When it comes to your pure and ultrapure water treatment, we don’t just give you any old answer, but rather develop a solution that meets the challenges you face in every respect. Most importantly: We listen carefully and see ourselves as your partner, offering you competent support and assistance.

2. You want it to fit exactly into the space available.

All purification stages can be mounted either in a dust and noise proof, sealed housing or on an open frame, according to your wishes. Both can be adjusted perfectly to the spatial configuration of your installation site, pre-mounted at the factory, and tested extensively. This saves time during installation – and facilitates quick commissioning of the installation as it is already fit for connection and operation.

3. You need assistance with planning new laboratory buildings.

No two laboratories are alike, not only because of their equipment, but also because of their design for their specific purpose – a laboratory for materials testing has different requirements than a research laboratory, especially when it comes to water quality. This is our area of expertise! We integrate your EnviroFALK pure and ultrapure water systems perfectly into any facility.

4. You don't just want standard quality – you want more!

That's perfect, because EnviroFALK systems are highly customised.
Need alternative piping options? We also offer PP with infrared welding (IR) or PVDF with bead and crevice-free welding (BCF). Is space limited? We make the most of every centimetre available for your treatment system.

5. You rely on advanced technology and high quality.

A good concept is not enough. Every component of one of our pure and ultrapure water units fulfils the highest requirements for consistently high water quality. The use of high-quality components and state-of-the-art control units ensures maximum reliability of EnviroFALK water treatment units.