Pure water for clinical analysis equipment
So pure and sophisticated.

Pure water for clinical analysis equipment

Clinical diagnostics: pure and ultrapure water to supply clinical analysers.

Laboratory medicine has become an indispensable part of modern diagnostics. Clinical analysers are used to perform precise and repeatable diagnostic tests and to analyse reagents and samples. However, clinical analysers need high-quality treated water to ensure trouble-free operation.

For example, reaction cuvettes have to be rinsed, reagents, samples and cleaning agents diluted and rinsing stations supplied, while laboratories have to make their processes as efficient as possible. This calls for reliable and cost-efficient water treatment.

We know all too well how crucial consistently high water quality is.

But we also know that there’s more to supplying ultrapure water for clinical analysers: solutions that reduce water consumption, low operating costs and reliable technology.

But that’s not all. In order to ensure accurate and reproducible results, a 24/7 supply of ultrapure water is not only necessary, but indispensable. This is why we offer you the full service from a single source, including a service agreement with 24-hour on-call service ‒ to give you the reliability you need for ensure trouble-free operation of clinical analysers.

Good reasons to talk to us.

1. You don’t want just any old solution, you want a concept.

When it comes to water treatment systems, we don’t just give you any old answer, but rather develop a solution that meets the challenges you face in every respect.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, planning office, technical planner or architect, we work with you to develop solution concepts for ultrapure water treatment. Most importantly: we listen carefully and see ourselves as your partner, offering you competent support and assistance.

2. You need ultrapure water treatment for clinical analysers.

EnviroFALK plans the water treatment system precisely to meet the requirement profile, be it to supply individual analysers, multiple analysers, for example with a recirculation loop, or automated analysis systems.

Need alternative piping options? We also offer PP with infrared welding (IR) or PVDF with bead and crevice-free welding (BCF). Is space limited? We make the most of every centimetre available for your treatment system.

With the EnviroFALK GREEN-LINE HSC GEO we offer you all of the required water qualities according to CLSI by using different process technologies. Selected components and the safe connection systems guarantee a long service life and the self-explanatory control technology ensures convenient and intuitive operation.

3. You need treated water that complies with the guidelines.

Laws, standards and guidelines are omnipresent in the production of ultrapure water systems for clinical analysers, because legal regulations ensure that you get precisely the water you need, of the desired water quality and in the required quantity, in accordance with the requirements for CLRW (Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water).

4. You want to cut your operating costs

Nothing could be easier! State-of-the-art membrane technologies, regenerable ion exchangers and reduced wastewater consumption cut operating costs and maintenance to a minimum.

5. You depend on reliable service.

Whether you prefer individualised services or the entire package: we are your one-stop service shop for tailor-made service contracts with 24-hour call service, original spare parts, repair work, conversions, or regeneration of ion-exchange resins, to give you the reliability you need to ensure trouble-free operation of clinical analysers.