Ultra-pure water for
medical technology
We’re right in the flow of things when it comes to water in your application.

So pure and so complex – pure and ultrapure water treatment

Why EnviroFALK? Well, we understand your application, figure out the details together and develop an optimum solution for your pure and ultrapure water needs in hospitals, laboratories and medical technology.  We maintain regular and direct dialogue with users and manufacturers, building on many years of cooperation.

We know what drives you, and we also know that pure and ultrapure water systems aren’t just about water quality. There’s more to it than that: environmentally friendly solutions cutting water consumption, low operating costs, reliable equipment, and reliable service are also indispensable.

We’re right in the flow of things when it comes to water – in your application. How can we help you?


1. Application

What makes us so unique: When it comes to water treatment systems, we don’t just give you any old answer but rather develop a solution that meets the challenges you face in every respect. Whether you’re a manufacturer, planning office, technical planner or architect, we work with you to develop solution concepts for pure and ultrapure water treatment.

Most importantly:we listen carefullyand see ourselves as your partner, offering you competent support and assistance.

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2. Products

Our product range of pure and ultrapure water treatment units for hospitals, laboratories and medical technology is based on extensive know-how, many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry and users. Values that are more important now than ever before.

Whether you need a compact or customised water treatment system, have limited space, or need special piping – we have the perfect solution, so you can rely on us!

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3. Service

You have purchased a first-class quality pure or ultrapure water system, so it goes without saying that you will receive first class service tha is customer-oriented and nearby. Over 50 trained service technicians are on duty for you every day and can reach you as quickly as possible from our locations throughout Germany.

Experience our first class range of services.

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4. Ion exchange and regeneration

Water, which is often treated using ion exchangers, is a decisive quality criterion in your cleaning, rinsing and disinfection processes. See the wide range of applications for EnviroFALK ion exchange cartridges in laboratories, hospitals and medical technology.

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5. Customers & solutions

Many of our healthcare customers have put their trust in EnviroFALK pure and ultrapure water systems for years. Take a look at some real-life examples.

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6. Trade fairs and events

If you’re looking for solutions in the field of water treatment, talk to us in person at our trade fairs and events to experience our genuine enthusiasm. Interaction, communication and information – trade fairs are ideal opportunities for personal encounters.

We look forward to forthcoming events and invite you to join us at our booth.

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