University hospital: Pure water production for the central laboratory

University hospital: Pure water production for the central laboratory
One of the largest university hospitals in Europe uses EnviroFALK reverse osmosis units to produce purified water.

The hospital wanted to replace the ageing water treatment system used to supply the central lab for the dispensary as well as the WFI unit (water for injections) with a new, efficient reverse osmosis unit. As well as maintaining a consistently high water quality level compliant with AP (Aqua Purificata), they also wanted maximum supply security.

Following extensive consultation, they were convinced by EnviroFALK’s proposed solution of switching over from the existing pure water supply to an efficient EnviroFALK reverse osmosis unit, without needing to interrupt the supply.

They opted for EnviroFALK’s system design using a GREEN-LINE GEO 1600 two-stage reverse osmosis unit. A macromolecular polymer stabilises the inlet water quality, with a capacity of 1,600 l/h. The membrane venting unit, together with ion exchange cartridges, ensure the high quality of the water. The water treatment system is controlled using a Siemens PLC, which is used to digitise and monitor all of the relevant data. To guarantee the pure water supply, the system is also equipped with an emergency supply via an ion exchange unit.

The users were extremely pleased with both the implementation and the service they received and also commissioned EnviroFALK with the maintenance of all of the water treatment systems in the university hospital’s entire building complex.

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