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Water treatment unit

EnviroFALK experts develop water treatment systems that are perfectly tailored to suit a wide range of applications

One of the key benefits of EnviroFALK water treatment systems is their modular design. All of the cleaning stages can be integrated in an enclosed housing or installed in an open frame, completely preassembled, tested, connected and ready for use. The agreed water qualities are already checked by our quality control department and documented, giving our customers the maximum reliability. The water treatment system is adapted perfectly to the specific environment at the installation site and can be installed and put into operation in next to no time on site.

EnviroFALK water treatment systems are used for a wide variety of applications such as for the production of process water, pure and ultrapure water, rinsing water, cooling water, boiler feed water or for humidification.

Depending on the requirements profile, our experts employ processing techniques or combinations of processes, e.g.:

  • Filtration
  • Ion exchange
  • Electro-deionisation (EDI)
  • Membrane technologies such as reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration or microfiltration


EnviroFALK water treatment unit. Exemplary representation.
EnviroFALK water treatment unit. Exemplary representation.