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Production of water treatment systems in our mobile clean room

Clean right from the outset

Manufacturers of measuring and analytical equipment or the medical and optical industry, for example, all work with high-precision and sensitive products, which require extremely clean conditions in use and processing.

To prevent particles from entering the water treatment units during the production process, the entire process is carried out in a mobile clean room, under low-particle conditions, because EnviroFALK water treatment plants ensure optimum cleaning processes – while meeting the highest demands on technical cleanliness.

The process technologies used depend on the cleaning requirements, the type of contamination and the local conditions. The water is pre-treated by filtering and softening it, for example. In addition to demineralisation by reverse osmosis and electrodeionisation, UV light and ultrafiltration ensure low bacterial and endotoxin contamination. To ensure this in the long term, we use an infrared (IR) welding process to install the PP piping for the water treatment unit upstream of the reverse osmosis unit.

If necessary, we can also make the whole water treatment unit of PVDF using a bead and crevice free welding process (BCF) in PVDF.

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