Water softening units
Effective and reliable

Water softening units

Hard water causing damage? Water softeners can come to the rescue!

Water hardness can cause problems for many industrial production processes. If you don’t have a water softener, hard water causes limescale deposits, clogged pipes and, in the worst case, can even lead to completely blocked pipes. A water softener converts hard water into soft water

The process that takes place in a water softener consists primarily of exchanging cations, i.e. calcium ions and magnesium ions – which are responsible for water hardness – with sodium ions using cation exchange resins. A smart controller regulates the degree and timing of water treatment.

How water softeners generate soft water

To turn hard water into soft water, EnviroFALK water softeners use a strongly acidic cation exchanger in sodium form. This cation exchanger is loaded with sodium ions and exchanges these with an equivalent amount of ions of the hardness components calcium and magnesium. Because one salt is merely exchanged for another during this process, this is also referred to as a neutral exchanger. For the purpose of regeneration, the water softening process can also be reversed by providing the ion exchanger with an excess of sodium ions. Saturated saline solution – often in the form of salt tablets – is used for the regeneration process.

EnviroFALK water softeners – effective and reliable

Almost every sector of industry requires soft water as a prerequisite for process water, cooling water, rinsing or washing water. EnviroFALK water softeners or water softening units help to effectively and reliably deal with hard water. Water softening is particularly advisable when there are high demands on plant availability and when soft water of a defined, reproducible quality is required, and is often an essential pretreatment step for downstream processes such as reverse osmosis.

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