Reverse osmosis units
For industry and commercial use

Reverse osmosis unit for removal of particulate matter and ions

EnviroFALK reverse osmosis units use a membrane process that removes particulate matter from the water as well as the ions in it. Reverse osmosis units are primarily used to make demineralised water. Thanks to the use of membrane modules, a reverse osmosis unit does not require any regeneration chemicals.

A brief explanation of how a reverse osmosis unit works

The function of a reverse osmosis unit is best described as simply reversing the completely natural process of osmosis. In the reverse osmosis unit, the saline solution (e.g. softened tap water) is passed through semi-permeable membranes in the form of spiral modules, under pressure. Only the solvent, i.e. pure water, passes through the membrane and is recovered with very low salt concentration, as what is referred to as permeate. All of the substances that were present in the water are concentrated in this process and have to be discharged to the sewer in a second output stream, the concentrate.

High efficiency reverse osmosis unit for industry and commercial use

One of the essential components of a reverse osmosis system is the pretreatment unit, which prevents calcium and magnesium deposit build-up (scaling) on the membranes. In EnviroFALK units, pretreatment is performed using various processes such as water softening by ion exchange or hardness stabilisation using an antiscalant.

EnviroFALK, the reverse osmosis experts

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