Pure and ultra-pure
water treatment units
Pure water for pure applications

Perfectly coordinated – pure and ultrapure water systems

Pure and ultrapure water systems

Pure/ultrapure water is one of the most important cleaning agents and solvents for numerous industrial processes. The requirements for pure and ultrapure water are enormous, be it for the production of parts in the automotive industry and its suppliers or in the semiconductor industry for the production of chips and circuit boards.

Industrial applications make very specific demands on the degree of purification of the water, because the water quality has a direct influence on the quality of the resulting end products.

Production of water treatment units is a complex task. Using various combinations of processes, EnviroFALK makes pure and ultra-pure water systems that produce consistently high-quality water.

EnviroFALK pure and ultrapure water systems offer tangible benefits:

  • For special applications: Design, planning and production of customised pure and ultrapure water systems
  • For standard applications: Compact pure and ultrapure water systems
  • Pure and ultrapure water quality grades perfectly tailored to the application
  • Perfect interaction between the various process technologies
  • High added value within the production processes