Filtration technology
Perfect, comprehensive solutions for treated water.

Safety right from the outset with filtration technology

Filter systems and pressure filtration systems

Water filtration is one of the oldest and most widely used water treatment processes. Many industrial applications react extremely sensitively to water impurities. Solid particles, turbidity and discolouration need to be removed using appropriate filtration systems.

Which filter or combination of filters is used depends on the analysis of the raw water, the water consumption rate and the water quality requirements.

EnviroFALK filtration technology is often used to pretreat downstream water treatment processes. The retention of suspended solids in the prefiltration stage results in longer lifetime of downstream fine filters and membranes, while also protecting sensitive measuring instruments and sophisticated components.

EnviroFALK filtration technology offers tangible benefits:

  • Comprehensive range of filter types
  • Protective filters, bag filters, cartridge filters, sand filters, multi-media filters, activated carbon filters, iron removal filters
  • Filter systems available in various materials, sizes and versions
  • Single or double filter systems, some fully automatic and some with manual backflushing
  • Modular pressure filtration systems as single or double pressure filtration systems