Membrane degasification
Ultra pure water unit with membrane degassing

Get the gas out! - Degassing

Membrane deaerators

Membrane deaerators are used to remove dissolved carbon dioxide and oxygen from water. They contain hydrophobic porous membranes, which are waterproof, but allow gases to pass through unimpeded. A reduction of the oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration minimizes the risk of corrosion and increases operational safety.

EnviroFALK makes water treatment systems consisting of reverse osmosis, electrodeionisation (EDI) and membrane degasification, depending on the requirement profile.



CO2 degassers

CO2 degassers are used to remove the free carbon dioxide in the water. CO2 degassers are often used in the field of ion exchange, in particular in combination with decarbonisation units or full demineralisation units (DI water systems).

EnviroFALK CO2 degassers are available in various sizes, flow capacities and materials.

Wasseraufbereitungsanlagen mit Umkehrosmose und Elektrodeionisation (EDI) erfordern eine Reduktion der Kohlensäure im Wasser mittels Membranentgasung.

EnviroFALK membrane degasification units and CO2 degassers offer tangible benefits:

  • For optimum removal of dissolved carbon dioxide and oxygen from water
  • Minimises the risk of corrosion
  • Increases operational safety
  • Available in various sizes, flow capacities and materials