Containerised water treatment systems
Mobile process water treatment

Containerised water treatment systems

Mobile process water treatment

EnviroFALK produces mobile process water treatment systems. The compact containerised solution is ready-installed, plumbed, wired and factory-tested.

The water treatment system integrated into the container is often used to generate process water in emergencies or during periods of peak demand, and the container solution is also commonly used for temporary water supply, for instance during repairs or plant upgrades.

Depending on the requirements profile, the containers can be fitted with insulation, air conditioning, emergency showers or door-in-door systems, for example. The equipment fitted depends on the size of the system, the system requirements and location of the installation. Once on site, the container with the water treatment system only needs to be connected to the water and electricity supply.

EnviroFALK containerised water treatment systems offer tangible benefits:

  • Mobile and compact water treatment
  • Ready to connect and ready for immediate use
  • Including pre-connected pipes between the different component
  • Including wiring and circuitry between pumps and components for plant automation
  • Perfect for rapid erection and extension of production facilities
  • Rapid deployment in areas with little infrastructure
  • Does away with the need for lengthy and complex approval processes for the construction of sheds and buildings
  • Does not require any valuable space in an industrial building