Rinsing water circulation systems for industry and business
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Rinsing water circulation systems

Sustainable right from the outset: circulation of rinsing water

Not only do complex production processes make high demands on the quality of the rinsing water, but also on economical benefit.

EnviroFALK rinsing water circulation systems treat the water in recirculation mode for rinsing and fine rinsing. This is done using combinations of processes such as filtration, membrane processing, ion exchange and UV treatment..


EnviroFALK Spülwasserkreislaufanlage. Beispielhafte Darstellung.

EnviroFALK rinsing water recirculation systems offer tangible benefits:

  • Significantly lower water consumption and less waste water
  • Reduced operating costs, for example by using pre-heated water
  • Efficient use of water as a resource
  • High profitability of production due to the use of coordinated control concepts