Pure water
circulation system
Sustainable right from the outset.

Pure water circulation systems

Sustainable right from the outset: circulation of pure water

There is an emphasis on recycling pure and ultra-pure water in many production processes, both for economic as well as ecological reasons.

Even in its first few years, EnviroFALK already made individually manufactured pure water systems that used resource-saving recirculation technology.

Now more than ever, this technology stands for a responsible, ecological and economical water management because, thanks to the economical recirculation technology, water can be fed back into the process.

EnviroFALK Reinwasserkreislaufanlage. Beispielhafte Darstellung.

EnviroFALK pure water recirculation systems offer tangible benefits:

  • Systematic recirculation of the water into the treatment process
  • Reduced water consumption due to repeated use
  • Lower operating costs
  • Water treatment that is designed exactly to the requirements of the application
  • Optimally customised to make the best possible use of the space available