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DI water for any demand: ion exchange cartridges

Ion exchange cartridges

Water, which is often treated using ion exchangers, is a decisive quality criterion in your cleaning, rinsing and disinfection processes. Healthcare providers with high expectations as well as industrial customers with cost-intensive manufacturing processes call for high-quality treated water. Special resins inside the ion exchange cartridges reliably ensure fully or partially demineralised fresh water and process water.

Ion exchange cartridges - also referred to as water demineralisation cartridges - are the simplest and most cost-efficient way of producing demineralised water. EnviroFALK ion exchange cartridges can be installed quickly and easily in the field for a myriad of applications.

Perfectly coordinated: ion exchange resins & applications

Our ion exchange resins are as individual as your applications, because industrial and commercial processes all have specific requirements and guidelines for desalinated water.

This is why EnviroFALK offers a particular resin or a perfectly tailored resin mixture for each area of application. Our experts know exactly which ion exchange resin is best suited to your application.

EnviroFALK ion exchange cartridges are available

  • in various sizes and flow capacities
  • in stainless steel or plastic (GRP)